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Belmont Bandits 11U baseball team

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Bandits take on the older brother

Jun. 14, 2019

This weekend the Belmont Bandits will participate in the 12u National part of the Top Gun "Battle for the Chains" tournament. We have played "up" in an age division before, and understand that it is a big jump to compete against guys that can be a whole year (or in the case of about half our team) two years older than you are. Still - we are not adverse to meeting challenges, and trying our best to figure a way through them. We do not think we are too good to play against 11u competition....as seen in our last Top Gun tournament where we went 2-2. This jump had been planned for a while, and we hope to give the other teams good games.

This year we are sitting at 20-7 on the year, and have been beaten by some very formidable opponents. When you play a year up in anything- much less travel baseball - you are looking for that same type of challenge. Including this tournament, we have just three left to play in this baseball year. We will then retire our John Tommy arms to play football, and let the Tommy John players keep on throwing through the fall.

Everyone is worried about size in every sport you see. It doesn't matter what sport....."big", "tall", "huge" are words you will hear people openly worried about when you face an opponent. Out of our ten players, our team AVERAGES less than 105 pounds per guy. I don't think size matters in baseball a whole lot, or other sports. Big and good matter....with an emphasis on the good part. We aren't a big team, but more importantly we aren't an older travel team. You can go make a team of May-June birthdates....a lot of guys who will be travel ball stars are such guys who are the oldest player on the field. Age is MUCH more important in travel baseball than size is. So, the point is that we hold no advantages...especially this weekend. Sometimes you just gotta throw the boys into the deep end of the pool. What I can tell you is this....just like last year at the Shipyard when we played against two teams that were an entire whole year older AND Division 1 rated, we weren't doing it to pad our W/L record. This is about the kids facing a new challenge, and learning to adapt. They will need that in the upcoming years as they try out for various sports teams.

This weekend we are set to play at 12:30 vs. the Stewards of the Game STORM team at Westmoreland. We have a one game break, and then will play the Harrisburg Hornets at 4pm. I hope the boys come ready to play our brand of baseball, because as everyone at the field knows a baseball game, or inning, can change on a dime. You can go from being up 11-0 to down 14-11 in about ten minutes...or vice versa. Good luck to our boys.

Special thanks to our dads, step-dads, grandfathers, boyfriends of moms, uncles - everyone who is in our circle. We mention it to our boys a lot at practice throughout the year...so i want to remind you of the same thing:  we very much appreciate the time you put into these young men, rooting for them, showing up and watching and just being around. It makes a big difference. Adult males (I could give one more adjective to this statement, but I won't) are the least celebrated person in our society. I understand why. I know who the media is directed towards pleasing...and it guys who look like us. I understand that the butt of 95% of the TV commercial jokes is the adult male (usually dad).....but without the dads we have on our team and all over the nation that look just like you - things in this country would crumble. Thank you for doing what you do, and helping to raise good young men. When you expect better, you get better. Communities strengthen and disintegrate around us all the time. Helping to raise people that you want to be your neighbor matters a whole bunch. All kinds of eyes are watching around the community, but the most important set of eyes watching are the ones in the passenger's seat you drive home from practice and games so often.




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