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Belmont Bandits 11U baseball team

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It's Football Season

Jul. 10, 2019

Even though it's football season, we are set to play in the Summer Nationals tournament through Top Gun down in Myrtle Beach, SC on July 18-21. People think late summer/early August is baseball time...it's not. Most of yall aren't watching MLB (if you have any sense) and you probably aren't going to any random baseball games in 90 degrees unless you are required to attend. It will be hot, and miserable playing ball at the beach, but it's an exciting time and place to wrap up our baseball season... and at a great little ballpark. Central Park in Myrtle is an awesome venue to play at, and close to Dino's....so I will be happy. There is a great playground set for the younger kids, and actual shade. Despite most ballfields resembling the Sahara, Central Park really does have some sprawling trees that provide relief from the abusive sun. The park also has picnic table areas and nice fields. Parking is up along the fields, and also behind a crab leg place across a small side street. The schedule is set, and unable to be changed once released so that is an awesome first we haven't seen recently. It doesn't matter who you play - we all can beat one another at anytime so make sure you get there early and get a good spot.

Every game should have our fans at the edge of their seats, as the competition is stiff around every corner. For the teams that actually have a roster showing on Top Gun's website, when you look at them it resembles a telephone book of names listed. Most of our kids don't even have middle names, so we are behind the eight ball already. Hell, I can't even remember our players' names and we only have ten of them...and most on the team have been around since they were eight years old. If we had a revolving door of guys, I would just have to call everybody "buddy" or "mack". But, with that size pool to work with, you can bet every team will be loaded with good players and eager to make a splash. Tis the season for coaches to add players to the roster to be more competitive, so their laundry lists will grow along with their confidence. That's one more obstacle we will ask our boys to overcome while we are down in SC playing ball;  it only makes our iron sharper in the long run.

We will send out more info on when to show up on day one/Thursday play additional to the schedule that is already out;  we need to make sure we are prepared to play because every game counts. The beach weather can be a little crazy, and just like in our more recent tourny near Savannah...be prepared to play at unusual times if we are postponed due to rain. We will try to practice a little bit tomorrow and Friday, but will not get a whole lot in before we all go to the beach around Wednesday...especially with the forecast around home. So, it's about time we let the John Tommy's keep on throwing the white leather for the next few months while our young men broaden their horizons on a different kind of field here soon.




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