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  The Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club was formed in 1947 and played at the famed St. Moritz rink in St. Kilda.  The club has a storied history as one of Victoria’s oldest club and has featured many household names of the game who have represented Victoria and Australia over the years, including at the Squaw Valley Olympics in 1960.  The club remained at St. Moritz until 1977 when it moved to the newly opened Coliseum Rink in Dandenong.  In 1987, the club was forced to re-locate to the Olympic Ice Skating Centre in Oakleigh when the Dandenong rink shut down.


The Hawks remained at Oakleigh until a remodelled Iceland was opened at Ringwood in 1994 and housed the club through a growth surge that saw a great crop of juniors dominate the competition through to the clubs first “A” Grade championship win for 18 years in 2002.  This rink also went the way of others and closed in 2003.  2004 saw the club housed at the short-lived Eastern Ice Skating Centre in Bayswater.  Its closure the following year saw the club return to Oakleigh which was the only rink in Melbourne and housed all the IHV clubs except for Bendigo.  While this period saw stunted development of the league due to lack of ice time, the club experienced sustained success through different grades.  2009 saw the opening of the long awaited Medibank Icehouse at Docklands which is the location for the majority of checking level competition of IHV. With the opening of the Icehouse, a major re-structure occurred with the clubs no longer controlling or fielding junior level teams. 

The increase in available ice time however allowed for the growth of a non-checking and recreational level along with the existing IHV Premier A & Reserve levels.  Due to the increase in numbers, the IHV competition is divided into tow seasons - Winter & Summer.

Winter Season

The primary competition for ice hockey in Victoria, inthe upcoming 2015 season, the Blackhawks will feature four teams - Premier A, Premier Reserve, Premier C(Div1) & Prem C(Div2). 

Premier A & Reserve are both full contact Men's leagues while Premier C1 is a non-checking limited contact league and Premier C2 is non-contact.  Both the Premier C divisions are open to men & women.

Summer League

IHV operates a summer league that is open to players not actively playing in winter competition. IHV has several criteria for participants to meet before they are eligible to participate in the Summer Season.

In the 2015/16 summer season, will be a 15 game competition, with 3 grading games prior to the commencement of competition.

This summer we are fielding 5 teams.  The Chiefs (Div 1*), The Woverines (Div 2*), The 47's (Div 3*), The Young Guns (Div 4*) and The Bombs (Div 4*). 

The summer season is now viewed by IHV as a grooming location for future winter players and we are encouraging our players to improve and play at the highest level possible.  While some players have formed strong units in the teams in lower divisions, we are now looking to promote the higher skilled players to improve the standard of the higher divisions.  There will be tryout sessions for all grades as we try yo get players in a division that suits their skill level.

Anyone interested in a try out should contact Jarrod or Paul at bhsummerhockey@hotmail.com

(* tentative gradings pending outcome of pre-season grading games)


For information or to enquire about playing in any IHV competition, follow the links at www.ihv.org.au


Mar 23, 2015 - 2015 IHV DRAFT RESULTS

The senior draft for both checking levels & non-checking levels was held on the 12th of March.  As a result of the scoutiong process we selected and welcome the following players to the club:



1. Lenny Lee (pick 3 overall)
2. Francisco Jose Padilla (pick 9)
3. Eythan Stokes (traded from the Sharks for our Round 3 pick - pick 15)



1. Kieran Leong (pick 6 overall)
2. Jamie Driver (pick 12)


Good luck to all our draftees and welcome to the the club.  We hope you embrace the traditions and enjoy what the club offers.






Where: Medibank Icehouse (Henke Room) - 105 Pearl River Road, Docklands

When: Thursday 19th February

Time: 7pm-9pm

This is aimed at providing accurate information to the players looking to enter the Senior Draft (both Checking and Non-checking divisions). Topics covered will include (amongst others):

* Processes (registration, submission of paperwork, skate night, selection, etc.)

* Expectations (of players, of the skate night, etc.)

* Legal Exemptions (age, injury, travel, etc.)

* Player protection by clubs

* Gender

* Existing family connections within clubs

* Obligations once drafted (of players and of the clubs)


------- 2015 Senior Player Draft ------

Please note the 2015 Senior Player Draft will be held on 12th March 2015.

Player try-outs, both Checking (8pm-9.30pm) and Non Checking (9.45pm-11.15pm) sessions will be held 6th March 2015 at the Icehouse.

All players intending to enter the Draft are required to attend these try-outs or won’t be consider for the draft. Players wishing to be included in the Draft MUST be registered, registration fee paid and have submitted all required paperwork by FRIDAY 27th FEBRUARY 2015 at 10am.

Due to changes in IHA policy senior aged women can no longer play in the IHV Midget grade. If you wish to play hockey over winter you will need to enter the Senior non-checking draft to gain potential access to Premier C spots.

All players entering the Draft must be registered and the required registration fee paid prior to 27th February 2015. This is NOT an extendable time frame and unless all the necessary paperwork completed and submitted to IHV and the required fees paid you will NOT be included in the Draft process. No exceptions!!!

The registration fee covers IHA/IHV Registration only, additional ice fees, club fees will be payable once you are drafted to a club. The club will advise you of those.

The online Pointstreak registration system is operational now for 2015 and the required access and links will be provided below. In the meantime players should complete either of the following forms and return them to the IHV Secretary on secretary@ihv.org.au For Pointstreak registration please follow this link and select PS or Player draft

Those wishing to be considered for checking grades Premier A and Premeir Reserve should follow this link:


Those wishing to be considered for non-checking grade Premier C should follow this link:







At this week’s IHV meeting, the delegates were presented with a proposed change to the way the games will be scheduled across the coming season.  It has not been approved at this time but we will be asked to state our club’s position on Tuesday 17 Feb.

The proposal is this:


- All senior grades (A, B, C1 & C2) increase from 15 games to 20 games. (Last year each grade had 15 games and 12 practices. This schedule proposes 20 games and 9 practices).

- Consistency of practice and game days. Each grade will play and practice on a consistent day throughout the season.

-       Prem A play Friday – practice with Reserves Wednesday

-       Reserves play Monday (only Icehouse) – practice as above

-       C1 play Tuesday night (only Oakleigh) – practice with C2 Thursday

-       C2 play Wednesday night (only Oakleigh) – practice as above


There was further discussion about trying to adjust the schedule so that on occasion the A & Reserves would play the same night and the C1 & C2 would play the same night.

There was also some discussion about trying to get a quantity of the C1 & C2 games to the Icehouse.  This would also mean that the Reserves would then play a quantity of games at Oakleigh on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.

The weekend time slots have been allocated at this time to the junior competitions.


Without trying to over-complicate the discussion with the different discussions that have already taken place, we need to know the feeling of ALL members about this proposed change.

Please reply to me personally on grandy16 AT bigpond DOT com


You can state your opinion if you like.



Our club’s position will then be voiced to IHV on the majority reply.  If you don’t reply then we will assume that you do not have an opinion on it or you will support the club either way.

We have a club meeting on Monday night where this issue will be discussed.  If you would like to attend the meeting as an observed, please let me know.


Glenn Grandy


Blackhawks IHC



Jan 26, 2015 - Andy McDowell Cup 2015

On Saturday the 7th of February, IHV is hosting a mini 3-team tournament featuring players (mostly) from a past era.

The tournament is an lighting premiership style, Round Robin format, featuring the Blackhawks, Demons and Pirates, with players from the 80's and earlier eligible to play.

Previously this tournament has only featured the Pirates and Demons and they have played for the Andrew McDowell Trophy. As we are a club with significant history, we have been invited to also compete.

While some of the players will be foreign to many current club members, we are hoping to feature some great club names in CROFT, CUNNINGHAM, GLADWELL, SOUTH, KEYSER, WOOD, SUTTON, ROBINS, BIRTLES, TOZER, COURTNEY, LYNCH, McDOWELL x 2, MADDEN, GRANDY as well as a few others. The final list isn't in as yet but regardless it should be a fun evening.

The tournament runs from 4pm to 7pm, then a presentation will be held at the Harbourtown Hotel.

Come along to get the feel for the new season and cheer on some old Hawks, then have a beer to reaquaint.



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