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2014 IHV PLAYER DRAFT (Updated 06/05/14)

Mar. 23, 2014

Last week saw IHV hold the 2014 player draft.  As a result, we are welcoming a number of new players to the club across the different divisions.

These players come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience and the club knows that when they get their chance they will represent th eclub ably and to the best of their ability.

The point to remember is that being selected in the draft does not guarantee anyone a position in any particular team or division.  Tryout and practices will ultimately determine where players fit but the club still expects all players to work to improve and reach the highest division possible.  Our club does not "pigeon hole" players.  

If you want to play in Prem A, then you need to prove to the coaches that you are up to the standard required to play in that division.  If you are playing inthe Reserves, then you should be endeavouring to show the coaches that you are capable of playing in the A's if/when you are called up.

If you are currently playing in either of the Prem C divisions, then you need to also show the coaches that you deserve to hold your spot and that you are better than the players pushing from below.

If you have come out of summer league and believe that you should be playing in either of the Prem C divisions, you need to not only prove that you have the required skill but that you are better than the players that are there. 

The club is about development and improvement.  The opportunities will be there, it is up to you to do your best to prove that you deserve a spot on the team.   

The players that were selected by the club in the draft where:

Junior Draft
Harrison Jaunozols, Nikolaos French & Scott Maloney

Checking Draft
Jeremy Brown (father (& mother)/son selection), Houston Longmuir, Alex Wietrzyk & Angus Rollinson

Non-Checking Draft
Dan Alexie, Mathew Rizkalla, Mark Dempster, Samuel Kelly Cromie, Ariel Singer, Sally Hancock, Stephen Nesbitt & James Lewis

Kosta Tiori and Samuel Young were both secured under the protected summer player rule.



The 2nd draft was held over the weekend and as a result the club would like to welcome our newest Blackhawks

Checking Division

Elmeri Paltamaa and Dean O'Callaghan

Non-Checking Division

Scot Smallman (Sibling Protected pick)


The club wishes all our new players the best of luck as they start their journey with the Blackhawks. 







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