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2012 Buckhorn Middle School Lady Bucks - Roster

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13 Wolfenbarger, Julia OF 7thNew Market, AL
29 Shafer, Jayda OF 7thNew Market, AL
26 Packard, Kalana 3B, OF 7thNew Market, AL
99 Newby, Abbi Pitcher, 1B 7thNew Market, AL
16 McKee, Ivy 2B, OF 8thNew Market, AL
7 Kern, Bailey 1B, Catcher 8thNew Market, AL
11 Johnson, Kelly Catcher, CF 8thNew Market, AL
5 Hayden, Lauren Pitcher, 3B 7thNew Market, AL
8 Crawford, Tara OF 7thNew Market, AL
3 Bryant, Hannah RF 7thNew Market, AL
20 Bond, Kaylie SS 8thNew Market, AL
10 Bertus, Rylee Pitcher, 1B 8thNew Market, AL
21 Adams, Anaston OF, 2B 7thNew Market, AL


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