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Rhinos Lacrosse Club

Aug 1, 2016 - Rhinos Summer 2016

"To the Crash, past, present and future....   As many of you know the Rhinos Lacrosse program was built on some basic objectives and goals. We wanted to always provide an atmosphere where laxers of all ages could go, play, and learn without the stress of tryouts, cost, or skill. 

We have literally brought men in the fifties who have never played before into the sport,  saved kids from quitting or hating the sport due to a another teams coach, experience, and or cost.  This has always been a team and family that has been to war with each other on the playing field and grown to be best men in weddings, God parents to teammates' children, etc.  We have built our teams from friendship based on the quality of the person, not the talent of the player. 

Many of the founder fathers of this team still play with each other, coach together and have successfully and joyfully coached a second generation of Rhinos.  With that all said, what I witnessed this past summer with the PA Rhinos was the epitome of almost 20 Years of Rhinos.

The team, families and coaches have found the perfect formula to create a Lacrosse environment free of judgement, exorbitant fees, and coach ridicule.  Seeing the level of play from these kids, listening to the great family members saying how their son was ready to quit until they found us, and then seeing the leadership of the coaches proves to me that what we set out to do has been the right thing. 

Mike Dalby has been the greatest single coaching aspect to this squad in our long tenure.  Thank you Crash for your commitment, your trust, and your support as we grow into this 2017 season. 

Joe "Buddha" Meyer 


Mar 25, 2016 - Rhinos Expansion Continues!

In our 15th year, the Rhinos Lacrosse Program is celebrating our longevity with yet another national expansion!  Starting this summer in 2016, Mike Dalbey is taking his national award winning program from Naples to Eastern PA.  Mike will be working with the Rhinos Founder, Joe Meyer, to help build the program in Eastern PA/ Western, NJ.  We are excited to have our President bring his wealth of lacrosse coaching experience, incredible coaching record, and ability to win wherever we go to build out a great Family in the Delaware Valley region.

The SW Rhinos based in Naples, has moved just up I-75 to Ft. Myers/ Estero FL and will be ran by John Kilduff.  John has worked with Joe and Mike for several years and has proven himself as a dedicated, lacrosse coach who has and will always put the team and it's players first.

The Omaha Rhinos are being resurrected in the Omaha region, and will be managed by Creighton Univ Head Coach Will Gilner,  Stand by for further information.

The National Men's Teams are continuously playing throughout the country in the Vail Lacrosse Shootout, National Tourney’s, and regional Lacrosse events.

-Joe "Buddha"

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