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No new information yet for 2018


Tryout results are posted below, I apologize if there were any spelling errors.  The parent meeting will be Tuesday, March 14th at 7:30pm at the Viking Middle School Commons. Players and parents must be present to fill out player paperwork and pay traveling dues.  As a reminder, the travel fee is $50, it includes a jersey.  All players will purchase a hat for $15.  If any family wishes to purchase more hats they are $20 and can be ordered tomorrow night also.  The coach may also have a list of tournaments for your team and the fees will be split amongst all players.  A volunteer deposit of $250 must be made out separately to the BWYBA and dated July 31, 2017.  Players must be present to try on jerseys and hats; we will be ordering them after the meetings.  If a player can't be present, parents must be ready to order jersey and hat sizes.  Hats are going to be ordered in the same sizes as the current hat.






Parent Volunteer Hours Deposit

 2017--- In order to encourage every parent to help out at games and tournaments, there will be a required "Volunteer Hours" deposit for each player.  The deposit will be $250/player (maximum of 2 per family).  The check will be collected the night of the team meetings and should be post-dated to July 31, 2017. The BWYBA will determine a set number of shifts required for each player’s parent to include working the concession stand at home games and tournaments, field work, and assisting at the June Bug Days events including the Firemen’s Kickball Tournament and the Small Town Baseball Tournament.  As long as each players’ parent meets the required number of shifts, the check will not be cashed.  If the shifts are not met, the check will be cashed.   Volunteer shift sign-up sheets will be available about two weeks before your home tournament.  This will allow coaches and other parent volunteers on the team the opportunity to try and schedule their shifts around their games.  Each coach will be responsible for ensuring parents fulfill the shifts they sign up for.