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Thank you for volunteering to coach a team for the Barre Youth Sports Association's Soccer program!

This organization is totally run by volunteers, like you, who want to see the children of Barre grow and thrive with a variety of sport choices. We as parents, friends and neighbors see atheletics as a healthy part of childhood development.

Know some one willing to volunteer?  We still need coaches and referees!  Please e-mail Mike if you are available to help out a little or a lot

Click Here for Coaching Tips from the BYSA Coaching Clinic


Following are the general rules for BYSA coaches.

1. Late sign-ups into the season must be referred to the coordinator who will assign the new player to a team.

2. Remember that we are here for all the children, even those not on your team. To the best of your ability, all players will receive equal playing time.

3. Stay calm and don't yell at the players, referees, or parents. Show as much positive support as you can, especially during matches.

4. Matches will be played in 4 twelve minute quarters for grades 1/2 and 2 thirty-five minute halves in grades 3 through 6. Games can be extended by mutual agreement between coaches, referees, and the coordinator.

5. Notify the coordinator of any equipment or uniform trouble that you may have.

6. Any issues that you cannot solve on your own, such as parent problems, should be turned over to the coordinators for resolution.

7. If disciplinary problems arise, speak with the child's parents as soon as you can so that the problem can be addressed early.

8. We have tried to use the high school teams for refereeing. Due to conflict please find parent volunteers to ref. games. We will provide whistles and outlines.

9. Instructional material is available upon request to your coordinator.

10. Season won/loss records will not be kept though there may be tournaments at the end of the season at the coordinators discretion.

11. All matches, both BYSA and with area programs, will be scheduled by the coordinators.

12. The BYSA code of ethics is a must for all coaches and will be enforced by the coordinator and directors. This code is particularly important to follow when you are playing out of town teams.

13. Off-sides and throw-in rules will be loosely enforced in grades 1 through 4. There Will be NO penalty kicks for grades 1-6 as well.

14. Goalies cannot play more than half of any match in grades 1 through 4. Try to allow all of your willing players to try playing in the goal at least once.

15. Taking team pictures is the responsibility of each coach. Try to get a parent volunteer to bring a camera to one of your matches and take a team picture.

16. If a player is late or misses practices or matches due to family, school, or church functions they are not to be punished in any way!

17. For matches and scrimmages team size shall not exceed:

  • 8 per side for grades 1 through 6 boys and girls
  • 11 per side for 7th and 8th grades.

18. Coaches are not allowed on the playing field during matches except in grades 1/2.

19. Consumption of tobacco and/or alcoholic beverages will not be allowed in the presence of the children and while on any school property.

20. Games and practices are to be cancelled immediately in case of thunder &/or lightening.

21. Please have the player's pick-up any trash after practices and games.

22. Please stay until all players have left games and practice.

Thank-you for your help and time.