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 BYSA Soccer for Grades 1 & 2

1st & 2nd Grade Girls' Coordinator      
1st & 2nd Grade Boys' Coordinator      

 BYSA offers soccer competition and skills development for the yougest atheletes in the 1st & 2nd grade group.  Boys and girls are divided by gender at this level. Teams practice one weeknight each week, with games most every Saturdays and the occational Friday evenings for the duration of the 6-week season.  SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL SCHEDULES.  Children will be issued a shirt and ball, which they should bring to each practice and game.

What to Bring:

  • Ball (provided)
  • Tee-shirt for game day (provided)
  • Shin gaurds and socks that cover the gaurds to every practice & game
  • Water bottle
  • Cleats are not required at this age level, but are reccomended


Contact Your Child's Coordinator with Questions or Concerns.

Late Registrations may email mhulbert@hpcummings.com to be placed on the waiting list.


Schedules To Be Determined



Players Aged 5 - 8

Players in this age group have some significant physical and emotional traits. At this age it is vital that coaches construct training sessions that help encourage participation in soccer and that the coaches expectations do not exceed the capabilities of the players.

  1. They have minimal fine motor skills

  2. They have very little accuracy

  3. Their coordination is still developing

  4. They have minimal attention span

  5. They are playing for fun and enjoyment

  6. They do not understand team play

Of paramount importance at this age group in developing youth soccer players is the development of basic skills, the understanding of the basics of the game and the fostering of a genuine pleasure in the game

Basic Skills for Players Aged 5 - 8

The skills that can be expected of this age group are:

  1. Simple Passing.

  2. Simple Trapping.

  3. Simple Heading.

  4. Dribbling.

  5. Shooting

Advanced Skills for Players Aged 5 - 8

    1. Using both feet for basic skills.

    2. Intermediate Close Control Skills.

Juggling the ball.

  1. Intermediate Trapping.

    • Chest

    • Thigh

  2. Basics of Running with the Ball.

Goalkeeping Skills for Players Aged 5-8

  • Basic Goalkeeping Elements

  • Introduction to Goalkeeping Equipment.

  • Stance and Hand positions for goalkeepers.

Game Structure for Players aged 5-8

At this age, small sided games of 3v3 or 4v4 should be used as much as possible. It is important to try and group players of similar ability together so that players at a very early stage of learning with lesser skills are not alienated and discouraged to play.

Games of this size that are organized correctly will allow all players to participate and will not alienate players.