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Barre Youth Soccer Program

Coordinator's Duties

All issues, duties and decisions must be carried out in fairness for all children. 

1. The BYSA code of ethics must be adhered to.  The coordinator shall enforce the code to the best of their ability with their respective coaches and parents.

2.  Coordinators must do what they can to ensure that the children in the program are enjoying the experience in terms of equal playing time and positive reinforcement.

3. The coordinators, with their advisors, shall recruit the coaches and assistant coaches/helpers necessary to field the teams required for their level.  Determine which night(s) work best for each coach, and advise schedulaer ASAP.

4. Matches and practices shall be scheduled by the coordinator only,  including matches with teams from outside of the Barre area.  Outside contacts will be provided if needed.

5. Coordinators shall select the team and provide the roster to the coaches.  When developing the roster the coordinator shall be as fair as possible to all participants and keep the teams as balanced as possible in terms of talent, age, grade and temperment.  See Picking Teams.

6. The coordinators will receive an allotment of shirts, balls, cones, etc., from the equipment manager.  List the number on the bag before passing it out to the coaches.  At the end of the season the coordinator shall collect the equipment from the coaches and turn it back into the equipment manager.  Plan to attend the last scheduled game so that you may pick up the equipment.

7. The advisor, in conjunction with the coordinators, shall organize and schedule a coaches clinic which is to be held before the beginning of the first practice.

8. Have coaches at the parent meetings obtain volunteers for reffing their games, we will try to have high school players assisgned if possible.

9. Late registrations go to the coordinator who in turn should deliever them to the director with the fee.  Late registrants shall be placed on a team by the coordinator, NOT the coach. 

10. As disputes arise the coordinators shall try to resolve the ones that they can and turn those they can't over to the director.