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Welcome to the Chenango Forks Cross Country website.  We hope to have updated schedules as well as results and photos of each meet.  If you have taken any meet photos, please forward them to , Larry Brooks (brooksl@cforks.org) Jason Motell (motellj@cforks.org) Brian Staiger (bstaiger@stny.rr.com).

Oct 27, 2016 - The Harrier - STAC Championships/Sectionals

The Harrier

STAC Championships/Sectionals

October 29/ November 3, 2016


It seems like just last month that I was absolutely drenched in sweat, hanging out in the shade, after finishing any one of a number of our pre-season Tuesday Tempos in extreme heat and humidity at the school or watching you swim in my pool or swatting bugs at CV State Park or gut out a Water Polo victory over the swim team.  I cannot believe that the championship meets are now upon us!  I am so proud of how hard you ladies and gentlemen have worked both in the summer pre-season and since mid-August when we officially began!  We have struggled with weather and personal issues but are surely regaining the respect we deserve.  Our JV Team, who will represent the Long Blue Line on Saturday, established themselves as one of the best around.  Our Varsity Girls were New York State-ranked in late September after B-ville.  They also won the STAC East Division title in early October!  Our Varsity Boys are young and on the rise.  We’ve challenged ourselves against some of the best individuals and teams in the state to prove we belong in their company.  And while that required great effort on our part, the toughest tests are ahead of us.  Here we are!  It’s time!  IT’S TIME SENIORS!!!  It’s time to put up or shut up.  We’ve made way too many sacrifices, suffered too much discomfort, walked around school on dead legs, given up countless hours of time in pursuit of a common goal.  We’ve calloused our bodies with hill workouts, long runs, core routines, sprint drills, track workouts and races but even more importantly, we’ve calloused our minds to the discomfort and yes, even the pain of racing, so that what used to be tough, is now ordinary.  Now it’s time to contemplate the task at hand and focus all of our energies on it.  It’s the calm before the storm.  Saturday and next Thursday there will be pressure.  Pressure to perform at our absolute best when it counts the most.  But to a champion, pressure is a privilege!  In fact, we’ve worked extremely hard to put ourselves precisely into that position, where what we do really matters.  Champions riseto the challenge!  Chenango Forks Cross Country runnershave done exactly that in the past.  We are merely the current extension of the Long Blue Line that has gone before us.  Let’s lock our bodies and minds together and feel the strength that comes from accepting a common goal.  We’re ready!  Let’s go battle!  (And by the way, and I’ve said this many times before, there’s no one that I’d rather go into battle with!!!!!!)  

 Bus leaves at 7:30 AM on Saturday.  Race times are as follows:

            Varsity Girls Seeded – 10:00 AM                             

            Varsity Boys Seeded – 10:30 AM

            JV Girls – 11:00 AM

            JV Boys – 11:30 AM

And The Battle of Willowbrook *(there are still no STAC Championships for Mods)

            Modified Girls – 12:00 Noon

            Modified Boys – 12:20 PM                           


Temperatures in the 40’s to low 50’s and possible rain are in the forecast for Saturday AM!!!!!  We’ll set up the 2 tents to be prepared for it! 

 Directions for STAC Meet:  Take route 17/86 west to exit 49 (Big Flats) – approximately 66 miles.  From this point on, all distances are between .1 and .5 miles.  Turn left onto Bridge St.  Turn right onto Maple St.  Turn left onto Olcott St.  Turn right onto Main St.  Turn left onto NY 352 E.  Tags is on the right (about ½ mile).  Note:  You are not allowed to park on Route 352.  You will be ticketed and towed if you do.  You are not allowed to park in the Willow Creek Golf Course parking lot either unless handicapped.  You will have to park at Tags ($5.00) and walk over to the course.  Give yourselves plenty of time.  I think it will take you a minimum of 1:30 to do this trip and get parked and over to the race site.



Next Thursday – Section IV State Qualifier Meet at Chenango Valley State Park

 The bus leaves at 9:30 AM.  Mr. Motell will ride the bus with our athletes and helpers.  Only the top 10 boys and girls will race.  The girls and boys run in the Class C races which go off at 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM respectively.  The return bus will leave after the awards ceremony that follows the last small school race (approximately 1:30 PM possibly earlier because Mr. Motell would like to get back for his 9th period class).  I’ll be spending the whole day there, setting up and taking down ropes, finish line chute, etc. so will not travel with you.  And also, stay off all tees and greens.  I would love to have as many parents and spectators as possible there to cheer our kids on.  Try to spread yourselves out into more remote areas of the park to be more effective cheerleaders!  See me if you need or desire directions to accomplish this.    

Special Note:  There will be a charge for parking in the lot near the swimming area which will help pay for the shuttle busses.  The fee is $5.00 for one individual and a maximum of $10.00 per car if there is more than one person in the vehicle. This will be collected at the main gate as you enter the park.  Get there early if you are planning to cheer our teams on because you’ll either have to ride the shuttle bus up to the course or walk.  Let me know if you’re willing to position yourself on the course to help cheer and motivate our kids.  It would be nice if we had someone every half mile or so.  Thanks!

 Let’s force them to drive us to the State Meet in a bus!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Attention:  The end of season awards banquet will be held on Sunday, November 13th at 6:00 PM in the Chenango Forks High School Cafeteria.  We could use the help of anyone who is so inclined.  Please consider being so inclined!  We will begin setting up at 5:00 PM or so.  Details will be sent out with your kids soon.  If you don’t see anything, contact Larry Brooks at 648-9805 or email at larrybrook@aol.com.


Oct 23, 2016 - Marathon Invitational

Having enjoyed the best season weather-wise that I had ever experienced, it was a bit of a shock to the system when Saturday dawned cold, windy and very muddy with light rain at times. 

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Oct 20, 2016 - Whitney Point Invitational

Once again this year, our Varsity/JV teams stayed home and trained while the Mod Squad travelled to Whitney Point for its invitational. 

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Oct 20, 2016 - The Harrier - Marathon Invite and Blue Devil Challenge

The Harrier
Marathon Invitational/Blue Devil Challenge
October 22nd and 25th , 2016

Make that the 28th Annual Marathon Invitational, one of the most competitive and well-run meets contested in this area.  There are 53 teams registered and the size of the fields are listed below in the race schedule. Competition includes teams like CNS, Jordan-Elbridge, West Genesee and others from the Syracuse area (Section 3) as well as Sullivan West and Liberty from the western Catskills (Section 9), a couple (Geneseo, Fairport) from the Rochester area (Section 5) and  the Adirondacks so we will have to be at our best.  Let’s be mentally ready for a supreme effort!  It’s not a particularly fast course so if you run a PR you have really done something!  Keep your fingers crossed for rain to have abated by the time we get there but don’t hold your breath!  Forecasters are calling for temperatures in the 40’s and a 60% chance of precipitation (snow/rain) with over 2 inches of rain falling before Saturday AM!  It will be a mudfest!  Spikes will be a must!  Remember - Tough competitors love tough conditions!  We need to race well and part of that is staying dry and comfortable beforehand!  Pack your uniform, extra shoes to walk the course in (you will want to keep your racing shoes dry), gloves, hats, parkas and any other extra clothing and blankets (I’m not kidding!) you might need to stay comfortable, the night before.  The Modified bus leaves at 7:30 AM and the Varsity departs at 8:00 AM!   The race order is as follows (our races are boldfaced and italicized): 

                                9:15 AM Modified Girls (Small Schools) – Starting position=2 (139 runners)
                                9:35 AM Modified Boys (Large Schools)
                                9:55 AM Modified Girls (Large Schools)       
                                10:15 AM Modified Boys (Small Schools) – Start Position = 5 (172 runners)
                                10:35 AM Varsity Boys (Unseeded) – Start Position = 8 (220 runners)
                                11:00 AM Varsity Boys (Seeded)
                                11:20 AM Varsity Girls (Unseeded) – Start Position = 2 (211 runners)
                                11:50 AM Varsity Girls (Seeded)
                                12:15 PM JV Boys – Start Position = 13 (235 runners)
                                12:40 PM JV Girls (we may not run this race if not healthy enough) – S.P. 3        

This race is notorious for having great concessions (good food and nice T-shirts).  The T-shirts go fast however so get them early.  Awards are as follows:  Plaques for places 1-5, T-shirts for places 1-10, elite patches for places 1-10, souvenir patches for places 11-50 and apples for every finisher.  There will be awards ceremonies for top individual finishers and teams at 10:30 (right after the Modified races have finished), 12:15 (Varsity) and 1:30 (JV).   

Directions (actually a map) are on the back .  It’s a huge meet and very exciting so I hope to see lots of parents there.  Parking is an issue though so you may have to walk a ways to get to the school (Appleby Elementary).  Rte 81N to Exit 9.  Drive across the first intersection you come to at the end of the exit ramp.  Then take a right hand turn at the next right (almost immediately after crossing the intersection).  Drive to 24 Albro Rd.  Find parking as best you can!    


2nd Annual Blue Devil Challenge at CV State Park


We will be hosting an invitational for the second time on next Tuesday, October 25th.  The races will begin and end in the Pine Plains picnic area and will feature 9 teams from our own STAC and four from the IAC.  Hopefully we can grow it by doing a good job of hosting it.  The format is the same as the now defunct Cardinal Challenge.  Teams will be made up of 7th graders (who will only compete against other 7th graders), 8th graders (ditto) and JV runners.  The 7th grade girls will lead off at 4:15 PM followed by the 7th grade boys at 4:25, 8th grade girls at 4:35, 8th grade boys at 4:45, JV Boys at 5:00 and finally the JV Girls at 5:15.  All finishers receive something at the finish line and the top 2 large school and top 2 small school teams get plaques in each JV and Modified race.  Concessions and souvenir T-shirts will be on sale.  Let’s be great hosts – polite, helpful and friendly!  We want them to want to come back next year!  Parents – get there early if possible.  Parking may be an issue.  If you can help out at the finish line, sell T-shirts, greet busses, marshall the course, help picking up or whatever I would love to have (need) your help.  Please notify me if you are able to help at 201-8424 or larrybrook@aol.com.  Thanks in advance!

Oct 15, 2016 - Newark Valley Bob Greene Invitational

On another near perfect early fall day, the men and women of the Long Blue Line were hopeful that they would have recevered from the hard efforts just three days earlier to run fast on the Newark Valley Invitational course.  

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Oct 15, 2016 - STAC East Championships

On a near-perfect day, the Long Blue Line travelled to Nathaniel Cole Park on Tuesday, the 11th, for the STAC East Championship Meet. 

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Oct 14, 2016 - The Harrier - Newark Valey and Whitney Point Invitationals

The Harrier

Newark Valley and Whitney Point Invitationals:

October 14th and 18th, 2016


To run fast on this, one of the fastest courses we will see this year, make sure to warm up well before your races (and do a 20 minute cool down after racing on Friday).  Then stretch after that.  When we race in unfavorable conditions it’s extra important to do things properly!  You cannot race well if your muscles are only half ready!  The forecast for Friday is for cooler temperatures.  Tuesday looks like partial sunshine after rain on Monday and above seasonable temperatures (although seven day forecasts are not super reliable).  It’s also important that we stay focused and consistent in our training for the rest of the year as well. 


We are in the final stretch of the season.  The races now get progressively more important!  Newark Valley and Marathon will be a great test for our boys and girls against some of the better Class C teams in the state.  The STAC Championships will determine who achieves All Star status and how well the 2nd smallest school in the league stacks up against the giants.  Let’s be Giant-killers!  Then finally the State Qualifier!  Let’s keep our focus, continue to work hard and see what great things we can accomplish.  Feel The Burn!!!  Everybody dig deep!  Seniors!!!!


Newark Valley Bob Greene Invitational – Bus leaves at 2:00 PM or shortly after the Pep Rally.  The race is run at Newark Valley High School.  Watch the weather forecast to decide what to wear, etc.  The current forecast is for dry conditions and temperatures in the 50’s.  Remember – the girls have chosen White as their “Under Armor” color of choice and the guys decided on Black.  Take care of this now!  This can be a fast course so be extra mentally ready to run fast!  Directions:  Take Route 17 West to the 2nd Owego exit then follow Route 38N to Newark Valley HS or just go up and over the hills.


  Schedule of races:                             4:05 PM          Junior High Boys (Modified)

                                                            4:17 PM          Varsity A Girls

                                                            4:42 PM          Varsity A Boys

                                                            5:04 PM          Junior High Girls (Modified)

                                                            5:19 PM          Varsity B (JV) Boys

                                                            5:42 PM          Varsity B (JV) Girls

                                                            6:15 PM          Team Awards Ceremony (individual

                                                                                    Awards given out following races)


Individual Awards:  Medals to Top 10 and T-shirts to the Top 15 in Varsity A races.  Top 5 (medals) and 10 T-shirts) in the Varsity B (JV) races.  Ribbons to lots of others.       


Race smart and race tough.  Tough competitors love tough competition, tough conditions and tough courses (although this course isn’t that tough unless it’s muddy)!  Marathon is however.



Whitney Point InvitationalBus leaves at 2:30 PM (or as soon as you can get ready and out there)!   Modified TeamsOnly.  Races begin at 4:30 (Modified Boys) then go in rapid fire succession after that.  4:33 – JV Boys, 4:35 – Modified Girls.  There is one tough hill on the course.  If you are in oxygen debt when you make the turn to climb back up the hill, you’re in trouble.  The hills are overrated though so don’t get psyched out by them.  Varsity take note – we will start practice early and end it early (4:00ish) so that I can drive to Whitney Point to help Mr. Motell.



Use these tips to run them strongly:  CHiP away at it – Chest up, Hips forward and Push strongly off each foot.  Keep your forearms parallel with the terrain.  Break it up into sections if it’s a long hill.  “Grab hold of the rope” – imagine a tow rope attached to the center of your chest and that it’s pulling you steadily upward.  Lean into it (both uphill and down).  Make your “move” just before the crest then maintain your effort on the downhill side.  “Burn the uphill, Soar the downhill”.



PS  Attention Parents:  If you can help out with any of the following please let me know:  Blue Devil Challenge – October 25th (most in need of help with this meet)!  Pumpkin Run – October 28th (a couple of helpers would be nice) and November 13th (End of Season Banquet).      

Upcoming GamesSTAC Championships
Saturday, Oct 29th
10:00 AM
Willow Creek Golf Course, Big Flats, NY