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Champville, no words but to say congratulations

Jun. 7, 2010

What can a person say after such a final game?

A basketball fan would say, Champville has better players specially national team captain, Fady Khatib. A basketball player would say, Champville got more chances and fighted strongly for the cup. A coach would say, mistakes by Sagesse management led to this loose, and a basketball agent would say, 15 players fighted to win, 3 from Sagesse and 12 from Champville.

95-66 this was the final score. Indeed, Sagesse started badly with a 12-0 run for Champville in the first minute of the game. Elie Stephan's fouls was accepted by coach Sarkis by changing him with Bob Awkar who was one of the greatest player in this game, changing for Elie Stephan and Ghaleb Reda, and creating many open shots from 3s.

In addition Fadi Khatib was surely a turning point making a triple double in a final cup game with 29pts, 10rbds, 10 assists. Before the beginning of the game, I heard this word from a Champville fan talking to a player: "You guys play for Champville, for the team, for the heart of the team, for your hearts".

All the players were in the game, shooting from all over the field, Karl Sarkis was leading with 4 3pts, Nadim Hawi dominated the basket, killing the opposite center, Miguel Martinez dominated the outside passes and team systems, Elie Stephan took many open shots and drove well to the basket, Bob Awkar was great passer and 3pt shooter, Ghaleb Reda great player but injured in the 3rd quarter wishing him the best and to be better soon.

This is what we can say about Champville team season 2009-2010.

This is our history: Houssam Din Hariri tournament runners-up, Lebanese league runners-up, Lebanese cup champions.

This is us, this is Champville:

Khalil Aoun

Bob Awkar

Hassan Dandach

Nadim Hawi

Marwan Khalil

Fadi Khatib

Vincent Khoury

Miguel Martinez

Ghaleb Reda

Ghassan Sarkis

Karl Sarkis

Ralph Sarkis

Elie Stephan

Jad Tabbara




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