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Q: What if my child has never played Lacrosse before?

A: Each year we have had a high percentage of new players at all age levels. We have recreation level teams for players of all ability and experience. Our experience has shown us that anyone with reasonable hand to eye coordination can pick up lacrosse very quickly and our coaches approach to teaching encourages learning and insures that everyone receives equal playing opportunities. There will be free clinics offered in December and January for both the girls and the boys programs. Additional information will be provided on these as it becomes available.


Q: I am willing to help coach, but don't know anything about the game. Is that OK?

A: Certainly.  In the off-season, we will host multiple clinics and player assessments as a way of introducing the game to both players and parents.  There are also online videos as well as sample practice plans that can be leveraged.  If you wish to participate as a coach or assistant coach, please refer to the "Volunteer Badges" page of the Creeks Athletic Association web site for information on how to become a registered volunteer.  After you have perused the CAA page and have become familiar with all the requirements and completed the requisite paperwork, please send an email to CBL indicating your intent to participate. Please add "Volunteering" to the subject line of your email.


NOTE:  the above listed procedures are required of anyone (team moms, parents, trainers, managers, etc) wishing to volunteer for Creeks Boys Lacrosse; not just coaches.


Q: What equipment will I need to buy?

A: The basic equipment requirements are...

  • Helmet
  • Stick
  • Elbow / Arm Pads
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Gloves
  • Cleats
  • Athletic Cup


NOTE: If you are going to purchase equipment on your own, be aware that there is a significant difference between boys and girls lacrosse sticks. The boys stick has the deeper pocket and the girls stick has a shallower pocket.


Q: Where can I purchase equipment?

A: Most major sporting goods stores now carry lacrosse gear.  Some other locations are listed below...


Q: What should I expect the cost to be for equipment?

A: These costs are just estimates... 

  • Helmet - $100
  • Stick - $40 and up
  • Elbow/Arm Pads - $30
  • Shoulder Pads - $50
  • Gloves - $30
  • Cleats - $40

NOTE:  All Creeks Boys Lacrosse participants are required to have a valid and current US Lacrosse number and insurance.  Insurance is provided by your player's membership to US Lacrosse; youth memberhip is $25.


Q: I already have my own equipment. Can I use it?

A: Yes. Creeks Lacrosse does not supply personal equipment


Q: Do I have to purchase the helmet and gloves in a specific color scheme?

A: There is no specific color coordination required to play in Creeks Lacrosse. Many of our players have unique gloves and different colored helmets as they have migrated in from different lacrosse clubs.


Q: How long is the season?

A: The season runs from February until the end of May; games begin in March.


Q: How often is practice?

A: Generally, teams practice twice a week with games on the weekend. At the beginning of the season, teams will practice twice during the work week + a Saturday practice.  When games begin, the Saturday practice is replaced with a game.  The boys program plays most of its games on Saturdays, based upon competition, field, and maximum player availability.  Weeknight games are also a possibility in lieu of one of the weekly practices.


NOTE:  The Developmental age group (U7) will practice once during the work week and on Saturday.  When games behin, the Saturday practice is replaced with intra-squad scrimmages.

Q: Where do we practice and play our games?

A: Practices will take place at Julington Creek Plantation Park (Turf Field), Durbin Crossing Park or Aberdeen Park. Games will take place at various locations throughout the area, depending on the schedule.  Refer to our "Locations" page for a list of practice and game locations, plus map links.


Q: My child is small framed, do you have to be big like a football player to do well in Lacrosse?

A: Absolutely not, Lacrosse is a game of speed and finesse.


Q: My child is "X" years old, what age division / team will he be on?

A: CBL adheres to US Lacrosse age division guidelines and therefore, we have broken down our league into corresponding age divisions based upon the those guidelines.  Please refer to this age division matrix [PDF] to understand where your players(s) would be slotted.


Q: Where does lacrosse at the youth level lead to as my son get's older?

A: Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States.  High School growth rates that introduce lacrosse as part of their program is at an alarming increase of 25% every year.  Lacrosse is played at most St. John's County High School system programs; Bartram Trail, CreeksideNease and Ponte Vedra have great programs. After the spring season, there is also the Jacksonville Lacrosse Club (JLC), Fighting Florida Possums tournament leagues and GOALS - Indoor Lacrosse in the summer. Then back again in the fall for Fall Ball with the JLC or the Possums.


Q: Is there lacrosse after high school in Northern Florida?

A: Locally, there is Jacksonville University, home to both men's and women's Division 1 lacrosse.  In nearby Gainesville, the University of Florida is home to one of the fastest rising women's lacrosse teams in the nation.  There are also teams at Rollins College (men's and women's) in Winter Park (Orlando).


Have a question that was not answered here? Please email us HERE with your questions!


(Last updated:  Jan. 30, 2013)