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Danville Ironmen

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Box Score

Sep. 28, 2017

Danville traveled to Bloomsburg for their second meeting of the season. Bloomsburg was very limited with all their injuries, they only dressed 14 players for the game. From the start Danville pelted Bloomsburg's goal with shots. In the first ten minutes the Ironmen were able to get 15 shots. The first goal Silas Olshefski was able to get the ball to Jacob Foster for the opening goal. The second goal Jacob played a through ball into Andrei Bucaloiu and he placed the shot past the keeper. The third goal Silas got the ball to Andrei and he once again scored. The fourth goal Spencer Snowden was able to get to a lose ball in the box first and find the empty net. The fifth goal Jacob once again found Andrei through and he placed the shot in the corner. The Ironmen defense in the first half didn't allow Bloomsburg any offensive chances. The second half started with two quick goals for the Ironmen. Spencer played the ball through to Andrei who once again scored. The last goal was Silas once again able to get the ball to Andrei for another goal. As the second half progressed Bloomsburg never gave up and actually came close to scoring on a free kick and once on a move down the left hand side of the field. The Ironmen improve to 9-1 on the season. That was the 7th win in a row and 7th shutout in a row, a school record for shutouts in a row. Danville has 9 shutouts on the season. Danville next goes to East Juniata on Saturday to play Boiling Springs and East Juniata.

Danville 7 Bloomsburg 0


Offensive player of the game: Andrei Bucaloiu

Defensive player of the game: Blake Nizinski



1st half

Danville: 9th minute Jacob Foster assist Silas Olshefski

Danville: 10th minute Andrei Bucaloiu assist Jacob Foster

Danville: 13th minute Andrei Bucaloiu assist Silas Olshefski

Danville: 13th minute Spencer Snowden

Danville: 22nd minute Andrei Bucaloiu assist Jacob Foster


2nd half

Danville: 42nd minute Andrei Bucaloiu assist Spencer Snowden

Danville: 44th minute Andrei Bucaloiu assist Silas Olshefski


Shots on goal: Danville 35 Bloomsburg 2

Corners: Danville 7 Bloomsburg 2

Saves Danville Braeden Eckard 2 Bloomsburg 2 different keepers 28 saves