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Equipment Program - Overview
Purchase Program
Rental Program
Equipment 101 for Boy’s & Men’s Lacrosse
Equipment 101 for Girl’s and Women’s Lacrosse

FIAA Lacrosse Equipment Programs


FI Lacrosse Club exists to introduce and develop the sport of lacrosse to youth players in North Florida.  To that end we offer options for equipping players in our programs; one for new players and a second option for returning players. 

New Players

We recognize the dilemma parents face introducing a new sport to their children.  There is a reluctance to purchase equipment given the unknown of whether a player will like the game.  The good news is that while the vast majority of players do in fact continue to play, we offer a rental program to help introduce new players to the game.

We rent a limited number of equipment sets on a first come basis. 

We offer a complete package of required equipment including;

  • Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Gloves and Arm Pads for $50.00 per season*. (Players supply their own lacrosse stick)

Equipment will be issued in January prior to the first day of practice.  We will post specific equipment dates and procedures on the website.

*Rentals are first come subject to availability and requires a $200.00 replacement deposit which will be returned when equipment is returned.

Returning Players

We are working with an equipment vendor to provide a cost effective equipment solution returning players can purchase.  We will suggest a complete equipment package that will be offered (below retail) which includes;

  • Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Gloves, Arm Pads and a complete stick. 

Players may purchase equipment from any vendor of their choice.  We provide a suggested option but players may purchase equipment from any vendor of their choice. Equipment must be certified LACROSSE equipment.  i.e. Hockey equipment is  not allowed.

In keeping with our philosophy and mission to grow the sport we believe purchasing equipment for returning players is a better alternative than continually renting from the program.  Equipment is a personal thing!  For many players, this package will be the last set of equipment you will buy.  The bulk of the cost is in the helmet (the package helmet retails for around $130.00).  The helmet we have chosen is a completely adjustable helmet and will adapt to your player for multiple seasons.  Rental fees for a complete year (which includes multiple seasons and the summer) will greatly exceed the purchase price.  

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 FIAA Equipment Purchase Program


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FIAA Equipment Rental Program

We have a limited number of sets of equipment for rental through FIAA Lacrosse.  Players interested in renting equipment for the spring lacrosse season should attend the equipment handout TBD in January.  Players will be fit and equipment issued prior to the first practice.

The rental option is ideal for new players and provides an economical was to gain exposure and experience the sport of lacrosse.  Returning players are encouraged to purchase their own equipment. 

Complete Rental $50.00  ($200.00 Deposit)

  • Helmet, gloves, shoulder pads and arm pads.

Individual Rental Options

  • Helmet - $25.00 ($100.00 Deposit)
  • Gloves - $10.00 ($40.00 Deposit)
  • Arm pads - $5.00 ($20.00 Deposit)
  • Shoulder pads - $10.00 ($40.00 Deposit)

Checks should be made payable to FIAA Lacrosse. Deposit checks will be held on file until equipment is returned.

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 Equipment 101 for Boy's and Men's Lacrosse (from US Lacrosse)

Boy's Equipment

The Crosse:
The crosse (lacrosse stick) is made of wood, laminated wood or synthetic material, with a shaped net pocket at the end. The crosse must be an overall length of 40 - 42 inches for attackmen and midfielders, or 52 - 72 inches for defensemen. The head of the crosse must be 6.5 - 10 inches wide, except a goalie’s crosse which may be 10 - 12 inches wide. The pocket of a crosse shall be deemed illegal if the top surface of a lacrosse ball, when placed in the head of the crosse, is below the bottom edge of the side wall.

The Ball:
The ball must be made of solid rubber and can be white, yellow or orange. The ball is 7.75 - 8 inches in circumference and 5 - 5.25 ounces. 

The Helmet:
A protective helmet, equipped with face mask, chin pad and a cupped four point chin strap fastened to all four hookups, must be worn by all players. All helmets and face masks should be NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) approved.

The Mouthpiece:
The mouthpiece must be a highly visible color and is mandatory.

The Glove:
All players are required to wear protective gloves. The cutting or altering of gloves is prohibited.

Other Protective Equipment:
All players, with the exception of the goalkeeper, must wear shoulder pads. Arm pads are required and rib pads are strongly recommended, and often required, as are athletic supporters and protective cups for all players.

The goalkeeper is required to wear a throat protector and chest protector, in addition to a helmet, mouthpiece, gloves and a protective cup.

 Boy's Equipment Package

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Equipment 101 for Girl's and Women's Lacrosse (from US Lacrosse)

Girl's Equipment

The Crosse:
The crosse (lacrosse stick) is made of wood, laminated wood, or synthetic material, with a shaped net pocket at the end. A girl's crosse must be an overall length of 35.5 - 43.25 inches. The head of the crosse must be seven to nine inches wide. The pocket of the stick must be strung traditionally; no mesh is allowed. The top of the ball when dropped in the pocket must remain above the side walls.* The goalkeeper¹s crosse may be 35.5- 48 inches long. The head of the crosse may be mesh and up to 12 inches wide.

* Modified Pocket allowed in girls youth rules

The Ball:
The game ball must be yellow and made of solid rubber, smooth without dimples for games and must be visible color, other than clear or white. The ball must be 7.75 - 8 inches in circumference and weigh 5 - 5.25 ounces.

The Mouthpiece:
All players must wear mouthguards.

Protective Equipment:
Close-fitting gloves, nose guards and soft head gear are optional and may be worn by all players. All field players must properly wear eye protection that meets ASTM specification standard F803 for women's adult/ youth lacrosse for the appropriate level of play.

See approved listings for:  Eyewear | Sticks

The Goalkeeper's Equipment:
The goalkeeper must wear a helmet with face mask (NOCSAE approved), separate throat protector, padded gloves, mouthpiece, and chest protector. The goalkeeper may wear padding on arms, legs, and shoulders which does not excessively increase the size of those body parts. High school level and below must wear padding on thighs and shins. Youth level must wear some form of abdominal and pelvic protection.

Goalies are required to wear padded gloves.

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