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Like & Share:Dual-roster/Guest-play Policy

The following explains our policies at Freebird Soccer regarding dual-rostering and guest-playing:

Dual-rostering: The act of registering a player to play for more than one team.  At Freebird Soccer, we dual-roster within the club. 

Why Do We Dual-Roster?

  • Allow our goalkeepers to play on the field and keep their skills sharp
  • Allow new players extra work as they get up to speed with our style of play
  • Allow current players to try a new position and see the field from a different perspective
  • Allow less experienced players more touches on the ball, which in turn hopefully speeds up their development and increases their confidence
  • Allow more playing time for players who primarily come off the bench for a higher-level team
  • Allow talented younger players an opportunity to play on an older squad


Guest-playing: The act of bringing in a player who is registered to another team to play a game or several games (i.e. tournament).  

Do we guest-play outside the club?

Our policy at Freebird Soccer is not to guest-play from outside the club.  The fundamental philosophy at Freebird Soccer is to develop the girls and the teams we have.  With two Freebird teams at each age division, there are plenty of players to fill in spots when needed.  We also offer opportunities for talented young Freebird players to dual-roster to older Freebird squads, eliminating the need to guest-play.

The only exception to this rule would be if Freebird coaches are looking at a prospective player from outside the club, and there is an opening on the roster.   In these extremely rare situations, Freebird coaches may decide to guest-play that player, as long as those coaches fully explain the reasoning behind this move to their teams and soccer parents.

At the same time, we strongly advise against our own players guest-playing for teams outside the club.  Our coaches expect a strong level of commitment as they look to build cohesive teams that grow together with strong chemistry.

We at Freebird Soccer do not believe in guest-playing a talented player just to “win a tournament”.  Not only is that disrespectful to the hard-working players on that team, but it also sends the wrong message to those girls and their parents.  Short-term “satisfaction” in winning such a tournament takes away from our long-term goal at Freebird Soccer to develop and grow competitive TEAMS.