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News Article - Trends and challenges in furniture market 2018. - Feb 15, 2018

It has been reported that with the growth of millennial consumers for furniture, the global manufacturers are optimistic concerning the market’s steady rise in its sales for new furniture in the year 2018. With high existing home sales in many metropolitan cities across the world, it will make a positive impact on the performance of the modern furniture industry.


The local furniture manufacturers in many leading countries show a need to keep themselves abreast with the emerging trends which are now shaping the modern landscape of the furniture industry. The trends for 2018 are now mainly focused on the shift in metropolitan city buying preferences of the consumers. It is also directly related to the changing lifestyles of the people who tend to make their purchase based on the lifestyle that they can afford instead of what they are really in need of. This system can either have the potential to pose certain kinds of challenges or open new doors to create new kinds of opportunities. With rising home prices, another trend that is increasing is that people prefer to rent their furniture. This is because since they only live in rental apartments, they really do not find the need to buy the furniture for themselves. Another reason why people tend to rent their furniture instead of buying it is because of the burst in the housing bubble, the rising debts on students and the delays to get married or start their own personal families. There is also the constant demand for shifting due to career demands. Overall, the furniture market is increasingly growing in a positive trend and it is further set to rise upwards during the current year 2018. With different generation having different lifestyles, there is also the constant need to redecorate their homes, leading to constant purchases in newer furniture.  For more information please visit https://buonafurniture.ca/


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buonafurniture.ca is a leading company that specializes in contemporary furniture. It has a showroom that is 20,000 sq large. All furniture sold at the company are affordable in price.


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