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Georgina Women's Ball Hockey League

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  1. Registration fees are due at the time of registration.  Registration forms will not be accepted without payment except for the preregistration option. (Payment and waiver must be submitted prior to Monday, April 30, 2018.)  No one may play a game without payment.
  2. All players must be 18 years of age or older on or before June 30, 2018 in order to be permitted to play on a team. We have the right to ask for Identification.
  3. Each team will be assigned two Captains.  It is their responsibility to act as spokesperson during the game.
  4. It is through the Captains that input to the executive members in terms of desired changes, complaints, etc can be made.  If for any reason you are not comfortable approaching your captains about an issue, please see one of the executive members.
  5. The league and arena are not responsible for theft, injuries, broken equipment, etc. during the course of our season.  A waiver/liability form must be signed by each player before they are permitted to play.
  6. All players must wear the following equipment, at a minimum:  helmet with full face protection, hockey stick (no tape on blade except approved Blade Shark), hockey gloves and proper running shoes.  We suggest you also wear shin guards and knee pads. If you choose to wear any upper body protection, it must be covered or must be removed in order to play.
  7. All goalies must wear adequate equipment to avoid injury including goalie pads, upper body protection, blocker and mask.
  8. If pregnant you are to withdraw from ball hockey as not to take unnecessary risks. Although this is a fun league, accidents happen (trips, falls, collisions). It is also unfair to other players in the league that may cause an inadvertent injury to the pregnancy/baby. The team that loses a player in this case may get a new replacement player of the same rank if available. The 5 game ruling is in effect!
  9. No children allowed on the player’s bench at any time.
  10. There is no alcohol drinking or illegal drugs permitted at any Georgina Facility including the dressing rooms.  We take a strict stand on this as being caught doing so can jeopardize our contract and we could lose our allocated time.  If intoxication or substance abuse is suspected about any player the referees/executive has the right to remove them from the game and consequences may follow.
  11. All games must start by 10 minutes past the hour or 10 minutes after the completion of the previous game. The time clock will start running after the 10 minute interval. Each team must have a minimum of 7 players plus a goalie (can be a player covering goal but 7 out players are needed) in order to play a game.  Anything less than that will result in a default.  This is for the health and safety of our players.  The team with enough players will be granted the win of a score of 1-0. No other points are lost.
  12. Players must play at least five regular season games to qualify for playoff games.  
  13. There will be no individual signing of the game sheets in order to speed up the start time of our games.  The captains from each team will sign off on the game sheet together in case of any questions. Please do not use another player’s shirt for a spare. If your number of spare players exceeds your two designed shirts then have them wear a same colour shirt of their own.
  14. A “waiting list” will be maintained for excess players who don’t make the first team assignment.  However, no new players will be permitted without 5 regular season games left before playoffs.  A replacement player MUST be able to play 5 regular season games.  Replacement permanent players will be replaced according to their rank and must be the next same ranked player from the wait list.
  15. This is a fun league and there will be zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct and deliberate body checking.  Any person involved in violence causing injury to another player will be removed from the league.  These decisions are made by either the referees and/or the executive, at their discretion.
  16. You may walk a player out of the way of blocking your goalie but not through body checking.
  17. There will be no abuse of referees allowed.  Penalties will be given and calls made based on the referee’s decision which is not negotiable. In a non-confrontational manner, the captain may speak with a referee about any incident for feedback.
  18. Penalties are 2 minutes stop time.  Any player on their 3rd penalty will be ejected from that game and will receive an additional game misconduct if the 3rd penalty is after the last 6 minutes in the 3rd period. Penalties will include but are not limited to the following:  high sticking, fighting, body checking, roughing, interference, tripping, holding, slashing, intentional sliding and diving plus any other Canadian Ball Hockey infractions.
  19. Game play will be three 12 minute stop time periods.
  20. Spares (Goalies and Out Players) – If a team is missing any player they may call a player from the league as follows:

          a)    Spares are replaced rank for rank - A+ for an A+, A for an A, B+ for a B+ etc.  Only your allotted number of any rank is permitted. You may replace with a lower ranking. Violation results in lost points for the game of infraction.

          b)    Any use of spares will be discussed before the game between the captains. Together captains will sign off on the game sheet indicating their agreement with the players in attendance and the spare’s used. To make start time quicker, you could email the opposing      captains to advise them of any known spare’s names and the name of the player that they are replacing prior to your game. 

         c)    Make sure the spare(s) use a like colour shirt or a spare shirt from previous years.

         d)    No player may play more than two games per night nor for the same team 3 times in a row. (i.e. You use the same spare player on May  2 and May 4. The next time that your team requires a spare is not until July 11. You cannot use the spare that you used on May 2 and 4 as no other spare was used in between). Team with the infraction will lose any points that they would have been awarded for the game (tie or win). The opposing team will be awarded full points.  Goalies are exempt from the 2 game ruling.

        e)    If you have a spare and the regular player notifies that they can now play, your regular team player has precedence as long as you have at least three hours notice.

        f)     Goalies:  a spare may be called anytime that your goalie is not available.  2 games in a night ruling does not apply for goalies. If a goalie is also an out player, they may play 2 games out and unlimited in net. 

        g)    Any Team can put one of their own players in net if they cannot get a spare goalie and pick up a player from the league of like rank.

        h)    If your team has a goalie that is also an out player, they may only play out for other teams. However, if your same ranked player is away the goalie may play out only if she is replaced in net by a player on her own team. Violation results in lost points for the game of infraction and opposing team is awarded full points.

       i)     If a team is short any number of players they may get the same or lower ranked players from other teams arriving at the arena up to the start of the second period. Please ensure that the player is added to the game sheet.

       j)     Any team that has players drop out for the season or not at capacity may pick up a spare of the same rank for regular season games. NOTE: Not to exceed allotted player amount.

      These rules are put in place to make this as fair as possible.  You can call up a spare even if you are down 1 player.  We the executive are leaving the monitoring and “policing” as you will of your teams to you.  If bringing a spare to your team when you have lots of players’ causes some problems with team members regarding playing time, then we would suggest you don’t do it.  Also, try to be considerate of other teams that may be down a lot of players.

21. No member of the executive will be permitted to captain a team in the same year they are on the executive.

22. Any injuries must be reported via e-mail or verbally to a member of the executive within 24 hours of its occurrence. You MUST inform the referee of any injuries as they occur and an injury report MUST be filled out together with the captain and injured person.  Injury forms are in the arena office.  Injuries may be considered in the five game minimum ruling.


24. Off-Side:  offensive player may not go before the ball over the blue line into the offensive zone, a "Floating Blue Line" Rule: Once the ball crosses the attacking blue line and it is not off-side, then the blue line is eliminated and the attacking zone becomes the area from the centre red line. If the ball was propelled past the red line then the blue line “returns” and encompasses the attacking zone again.

25. No-touch icing:  Intentional icing will be called. Should any player of a team, equal or superior in numerical strength to the opposing team, shoot the ball from his own half beyond the goal line of the opposing team without attempting to make a pass then icing will be called in the opinion of the Referee.

26. Gloving the Ball:  You may not close your glove around the ball. You may glove the ball forward in your own end zone but not in the opposing end zone. Glove passes are permitted in your own end. In the opposing end zone, you may glove the ball down to your stick only. (RED LINE)

27. During the regular season a 30 second timeout is permitted once in a game by each team.


a)    High Stick Infraction: Lifting your stick above shoulder level will result in a face off in the offending team’s end zone.  If the non-offending team gains control of the ball then the high-sticking call is waived off.  A penalty will result if near contact and/or contact is made with an opposing player.

b)      Stick interference: Holding an opponent’s stick down with your stick overtop will result in a holding penalty.  You may lift an opponent’s stick from underneath but cannot hold the stick up for more than 1 second or a holding/interference penalty will be called. This includes slashing or chopping at your opponents sticks.

c)      Fight: There is absolutely no fighting.  2 games suspension will result on first offence. Any subsequent fights will be reviewed by the referees and executive and may result in possible ejection from future play in the current season.

d)      Slap Shots: Are permitted but the stick may not be raised higher than the shoulders on the back swing or follow through.  Any higher will result in a face-off in the offending player’s end zone.  If you contact an opposing player with your stick during the motion of a slap shot then a penalty will result unless the opposing player charges in to block the shot.

e)      Interference: No running in the path of an opposing player when chasing after the ball.

f)       Rough Play: Overly aggressive play will result in a penalty.

g)      All other ice/ball hockey rules are in effect.  


The Executive reserves the right to amend or add rules if the need arises. If you require clarification on any rules, please contact an executive member!