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Georgina Women's Ball Hockey League

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Schedule / Results

2018 Georgina Women's Ball Hockey League - Schedule

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May 2017
Tue05/02/20173 v 6Sutton7:00 PM
Tue05/02/20172 v 7Sutton8:00 PM
Tue05/02/20174 v 5Sutton9:00 PM
Thu05/04/20171 v 5Sutton6:00 PM
Thu05/04/20172 v 3Sutton7:00 PM
Thu05/04/2017PUB NIGHTNaked Wing7:00 PM
Thu05/04/20174 v 7Sutton8:00 PM
Tue05/09/20171 v 3Sutton7:00 PM
Tue05/09/20174 v 6Sutton8:00 PM
Thu05/11/20175 v 7Sutton7:00 PM
Thu05/11/20172 v 6Sutton8:00 PM
Tue05/16/20176 v 7Sutton7:00 PM
Tue05/16/20173 v 4Sutton8:00 PM
Thu05/18/20171 v 2Sutton7:00 PM
Thu05/18/20175 v 6Sutton8:00 PM
Tue05/23/20173 v 5Sutton7:00 PM
Tue05/23/20171 v 6Sutton8:00 PM
Tue05/23/20172 v 4 Sutton9:00 PM
Thu05/25/20172 v 5Sutton7:00 PM
Thu05/25/20171 v 7 Sutton8:00 PM
Tue05/30/20173 v 7 GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue05/30/20175 v 4GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu06/01/20177 v 2GIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu06/01/20176 v 3GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu06/01/20171 v 4GIP Blue9:00 PM
Tue06/06/20175 v 1GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue06/06/20176 v 2GIP Blue8:00 PM
Tue06/06/20177 v 4GIP Blue9:00 PM
Thu06/08/20176 v 5GIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu06/08/20173 v 2GIP Blue8:00 PM
Tue06/13/20173 v 1GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue06/13/20176 v 4GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu06/15/20177 v 5GIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu06/15/20172 v 1GIP Blue8:00 PM
Tue06/20/20177 v 6GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue06/20/20174 v 3GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu06/22/20177 v 1GIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu06/22/20174 v 2GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu06/22/20175 v 3GIP Blue9:00 PM
Tue06/27/20176 v 1GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue06/27/20177 v 3GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu06/29/20175 v 2GIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu06/29/20174 v 1GIP Blue8:00 PM
Tue07/04/20172 v 7GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue07/04/20174 v 5GIP Blue8:00 PM
Tue07/04/20173 v 6GIP Blue9:00 PM
Thu07/06/20171 v 5GIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu07/06/20174 v 7GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu07/06/20176 v 2GIP Blue9:00 PM
Tue07/11/20173 v 2GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue07/11/20176 v 4GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu07/13/20171 v 3GIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu07/13/20177 v 5GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue07/18/20172 v 1GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue07/18/20175 v 6GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu07/20/20175 v 3GIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu07/20/20177 v 1GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu07/20/20172 v 4 GIP Blue9:00 PM
Tue07/25/20176 v 7GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue07/25/20173 v 4GIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu07/27/20175 v 2GIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu07/27/20174 v 1GIP Blue8:00 PM
Tue08/01/20171 v 6GIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue08/01/20177 v 3GIP Blue8:00 PM
Tue08/08/20173rd v 4th *tentativeGIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue08/08/20171st v 2nd *tentativeGIP Blue8:00 PM
Tue08/08/20175th v 6th *tentativeGIP Blue9:00 PM
Thu08/10/20172nd v 4th *tentativeGIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu08/10/20176th v 7th *tentativeGIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu08/10/20171st v 3rd *tentativeGIP Blue9:00 PM
Tue08/15/20175th v 7th *tentativeGIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue08/15/20172nd v 3rd *tentativeGIP Blue8:00 PM
Tue08/15/20171st v 4th *tentativeGIP Blue9:00 PM
Tue08/22/2017B - 1st v 2nd *tentativeGIP Blue7:00 PM
Tue08/22/2017A 1st v 2nd *tentativeGIP Blue8:00 PM
Thu08/24/2017B 1st v 2nd *tentativeGIP Blue7:00 PM
Thu08/24/2017A 1st v 2nd *tentativeGIP Blue8:00 PM
Fri08/25/2017BanquetThe ROC7:00 PM