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Georgina Women's Hockey League (georginawomenshockeyleague@gmail.com)

Like & Share:Rules 2017/2018

In keeping with the fact that we are a recreational fun league, our league has the following rules/policies in place:
1.  Any player receiving two penalties (including, tripping, slashing, hooking, body contact, roughing, hit from behind, high stick, boarding, slap shot, cross-checking, unsportsmanlike etc. *not including such things as too many players on the ice) in any game will automatically be ejected from that game upon receipt of a third penalty. 2.  Any player receiving a "major" penalty in a game (no matter which period of play it is in), will be ejected from the game. 3.  Any player who gets ejected from three games as a result of Rules #1 and/or #2 above; any player who receives a total of 3 game suspensions; or a combination of any of the above which total 3, will be expelled from the league, without refund.  4.  Slap shots will be permitted below the waist only - on the swing and follow through. Anything above the waist will result in a stoppage of play and/or a minor penalty, at the discretion of our refs.      Otherwise, we follow the general OWHA Rules.