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Youth Head Coach: Bill Rudd - w.e.rudd45@gmail.com


Head High School Coach: Jeffrey Crocker - jeffrey.crocker@cobbk12.org  



   Wresting is a great sport for all ages and it often acts as a springboard in developing young athletes into competitors in any sport. Wrestling builds strength, stamina, balance, control, endurance, and perseverance. We train wrestlers with respect, intensity, discipline, and without favoritism. As the official Harrison High School Wrestling Team feeder program, our vision is to build a solid foundation and have fun at the youth level with the long-term goal of producing the best high school wrestlers in the state. We offer the best in wrestling instruction and competition for ages 5-14. Come see for yourself!


 ****2017-2018 Youth Registration Form**** 



There will be two registration days at Harrison High School in the bus port by the gymnasium. The registration days TBD. If you cannot attend one of these sign up days, you may print the from from www.harrisonwrestling.com and mail your form, payment, and copy of your USA card to Harrison High School (Attn: Harrison Wrestling). You may also register on the first day of youth practice which will be November 1st.

Registration fee: wrestlers - $185 (includes T-shirt and shorts) for the first family member; $165 (includes T-shirt and shorts) for the second family member; $100 (includes T-shirt and shorts) for the third family member. www.teamgeorgiawrestling.com

Wrestling practice starts TBD in the Harrison wrestling room. Practices are on Tues & Thurs nights from 6:15 – 7:45 pm.  Space is limited in the wrestling room, so parents may want to bring a chair to sit in the hallway while waiting for their wrestler.

Equipment needs for Youth/MS wrestling – Shorts, t-shirt, wrestling shoes, head gear (mandatory for tournaments), mouth guard is mandatory if wrestler has braces, a singlet is recommended for tournaments.   Mandatory USA wrestling cards are purchased through the www.teamgeorgiawrestling.com.


You will be required to purchase a wrestling “USA card” in order to practice at Harrison or complete in a USA/Team Georgia sponsored wrestling tournament (https://www.teamgeorgiawrestling.com/cards). A USA card is approximately $45. A copy of the USA card MUST to be given to the coach at the first practice you attend.




Bill Rudd (w.e.rudd45@gmail.com)

 Jeff Crocker (Jeffrey.Crocker@cobbk12.org) if you have any Harrison Junior Program questions.


  Important Links

A few wrestling on-line suppliers to order wrestling gear:  http://www.takedownshop.com/ ; http://www.usawrestlingproducts.com/; http://www.sunflowerwrestling.com/http://www.suplay.com; http://www.wwsport.com/Wrestling/Wrestling-Gear.aspx

 www.teamgeorgiawrestling.com  - This website has all the relevant information relating to the Georgia wrestling season - tournament calendar, tournament flyers, forums and news.  You can usually get your USA card at a lower price ($35) using this link (click the membership link).  Print a few copies of your membership card and give one copy to the Jr Program wrestling coach. 

www.sportms.com/tgusaw -  This website is where you will register your wrestler for individual Georgia youth wrestling tournaments.  Registration is mandatory for tournaments and normally must be input by Thursday at 10pm prior to the weekend’s event.  There is typically a registration fee of $15.00 for each tournament you enter.  You may also use this site to see the number of wrestlers registered in each age group in the upcoming tournaments and to print out the match brackets for the tournament.  You will need your USA membership card number in order to create an account for your wrestler.  Make sure you print a copy of your “e-ticket” and take it to the tournament. 

www.gnwa.org - This is the Georgia National Wrestling Alliance (GNWA) for wrestling news.  Click on the forum link for news on all the styles of wrestling. 

www.trackwrestling.com - this website will track the results of your wrestler for each tournament the wrestlers enters. You can register for free.  The results are also linked to the tournament brackets, so you can also see the experience level of your opponents.

www.themat.com  - This is the USA wrestling website.  You can also obtain a USA card at this website (Click on the “membership”).  The USA card at this site is around $46.00. 


***Visit www.harrisonwrestling.com for more information***



Registration fee: wrestlers - $185 (includes T-shirt and shorts) for the first family member;

$165 (includes T-shirt and shorts) for the second family member; $100 (includes T-shirt and shorts) for the third family member.