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HSA Findlay Cheetahs

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Welcome to the HSA U8 Girls Division Home Page!


U8 Girls Director - Jim Wood



From the Hancock Soccer Association By-Laws:

The purpose of this organization shall be to develop, promote, and administer the game of soccer in Hancock County and its surrounding areas. HSA achieves its purpose by:

Encouraging the development of both the recreational and competitive divisions and ensuring that soccer is made available to all.
Encouraging the development and practice of good sportsmanship.
Developing the growth of soccer.
Instructing, training, and educating players, coaches, referees, managers, administrators, league and club officers to develop and improve their ablilites.
Influence positive physical fitness standards.
Maintain quality facilities.


U8 Skills Development

Make Practices Fun.
No more than 2 1:30 hour practices per week including scrimmages.
Work on the Fundamentals of Dribbling, Passing, and Shooting. Check iSoccer.org for skills progression.

Remember to stress Sportmanship, Positive Motivation, Self Confidence, and Respect.
Make the games about the KIDS.


HSA Lightning Policy:

Lightning – Should visible lightning be seen, players shall be sent to shelter. This applies to games and practice.

Play may resume if at least 30 minutes pass from the last visible lightning or thunder in proximity. (from the HSA Recreational Coaches Handbook)


Fall 2012 U8 Girls Registration: 

Open Registration at the Cube:  Saturday, June 9, 9:30 - Noon; Wednesday, July 27, 6 - 8 PM; Saturday, June 30, 9:30 - Noon.

Register by mail:  Download forms from the new Hancock Soccer Website's Register to Play page.  

On time registration ends July 2.  Any registration postmarked after July 2nd will have a $20 late fee applied, so register early!! 


Fall 2012 U8 Girls Schedule:

Click here to download the U8 Girls Schedule 

Emory Adams Game Field Layout



Helpful Links:


Oysan Risk Management Website- Get Kid Safe Certified here. Make sure you read the instructions for signing in.  Enter HS20 in the "Coupon Code" field and click "Apply" on the Checkout page for direct pay by HSA! 

OYSAN U8 Games for the Little Ones- Here are 14 games for U8 from Tom Turner, OYSAN's Director of Coaching.


Coaching Help:

iSoccer Skill Development Website - Hancock Soccer has subscribed to this website to help coaches develop skills in the players. Click here for registration information from the HSA website.

US Soccer Coaching Curriculum - Download the Full version in pdf format. This is a large file and takes a while to load.  There is a lot of information here covering all age groups, including what should be taught at each age level, practice plans, curriculum, etc... 

Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual - The online coaching manual from our national soccer organization: US Youth Soccer.

The Challenger Way - Complete Soccer Coaching Resource. Registration is free for HSA Coaches. When you sign up, use "Product Code" csc2012. Complete your registration and you're ready for a free year of The Challenger Way!

SoccerHelp.com - Vast catalog of soccer knowledge. I used this extensively with my first U12 Girls team.  Use Username: hancocksoccer and Password: hancocksoccer.

Footy4Kids - Get free coaching tips and games sent directly to your in box every Tuesday and Thursday! 

From HSA:

HSA Rec Coach Handbook - Get all of the rules for your division here!

HSA Rec Practice Field Request Form- Request your practice field and times on line.

Emory Adams Practice Field Layout

2012 Spring Soccer Coaches Meeting - The complete Power Point Presentation from Mark Pinion's presentation, including all links to websites discussed during meeting.

Hancock Soccer Website - Just in case you forgot!

Hancock Soccer Facebook -All new!  Check us out and like us!

Team Communication:

RainedOut.com Website - Need to reach all of your players/parents through text message and/or e-mail? Here is your answer. Text and e-mail from your cell phone at the field, or from your computer at home, and best of all, it's FREE!

More Stuff:

FIFA Laws of the Game - Need to bone up on the Rules of Soccer. Here they are!

The HSA Findlay Cheetahs Drills and Technical Skills - Need some ideas for practice. Here is what I do in U15.

The HSA Cheetahs Practice Plan Form - in Word format.  This is what I use for every practice along with the Drills and Technical Skills above.  Download and edit the form to fit your own team. 

FreeTeams.net - Make your own website just like this one, absolutely free.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!