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Hello and welcome to the West Tokyo Dodgers Baseball Club. We are centered in West Tokyo but mainly practice at a location on the border of Kanagawa Prefecture.

WTD has 3 levels at present. These are from 7 to 9 year olds; which are called our Shamrock Level; the 10 to 12 year olds, which are called our Maple Level and our 13 to 15 year olds; which are called our Oak Level.

The WTD Shamrocks & Maples Squads are taught in English, but we have players from many countries and many international schools in Tokyo. The WTD Oaks are a truly bilingual team and has a mixture of coaches and players of international & Japanese nationals. WTD is the only privately run youth level team in all of Japan for the international community, which plays the Japanese teams in their own league head on.

The standard practice uniform for the team must be bought by the parents at any one of hundreds of sports stores in Japan, as almost all carry this version below:



Players also need a pair of all-white baseball shoes for astro-turf practices, and all-black spikes for league games that are played on dirt. The Japanese League we play in is very strict and so please avoid buying varying designs. You can use a black magic marker to blacken out other colors if you are unable to get all-black sports shoes, yet it is not hard to get them here in Japan as again they are standard.