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Chofu Leauge Rules

Translated from Japanese


Part A)  Chofu League Overall Outline

Part B)  Chofu League Game Rules


Chofu League Overall Outline

1. Be passionate to the sport. Prioritize the players first. Be positive to everything . Be fair to every player. Develop the attitude that everyone can participate.

2. Indentify and grow their character and advantage. Don't only enforce, but improve communication skills and share the objectives with each player.

3. Be sensitive to players' health and limits due to age and sickness.

4. Try to be measured in your growing demands.

5, Take care of the tools, equipment & maintance of the diamonds and the greater field at large. Include players in the responsibilities of cleaning up and ask all to help in the effort to develope a team spirit. 

6. Say the proper greetings, goodbyes & thanks yous to parents, coaches, teammates, league officials and even the opposing side.

7. Consider the feelings of others.

8. Have fun while you work hard and focus on cooperative efforts for all.

9. Develop listeninng skills in your players and coaches so that giving and receiving infromation is one in the same and not a one-way street.

10. Be aware to unethical behavior.

11. Physical violence & verbal abuse must be countered.

12. Inappropriate orders and strangers must be immediately met and welcomed, and or, their status ascertained to gauge purpose.

West Tokyo Exception to Regional Rule

Due the international community being strung out over many parts of Tokyo, WT Chofu has been given an exception for the regional rule for teams in the Chofu League. Players from the international community and Japanese players, that have travelled abroad that wish to contine the use of English, are part of this excpetion, yet players that do not fit the above rule must be in the Chofu Region at the Shamrock and Maples levels. The junior high level, or WTD Oaks Level Players, are in the Pony League and can come from any region they reside, and don't fall under this rule.


Chofu League Game Rules


1. A rubber ball sized "C" is used in the league.

2. Pitching & base stealing starts from 7 years of age on up.

3. Only uniformed and registered coaches are allowed on the diamond/field to coach prior to any game and to be in the bench area during the game. All other supporters should be in their respective supporters areas along the 1st or 3rd base line beyond the 1st or 3rd bases and not closer than that point.

4. Team gear should be set up in an orderly manner with batting helmits and bats close to the back stop.

5. Batters in the warm up circle should not swing, but wait until they are in the box or just outside of it before practicing their swing.

6. Players should tip their helmits to the head umpire prior to entering the batters box, as is the custmer here of respect.

7. Players not in the game or in the bench area during their turn to bat are not allow to sit on the bench, with the exception of the catchers.

8. 2 new balls should be given to the umpire prior to the game, as should the batting order line up in hiragana or katakana. Prior to the head umpire getting the lineup the league offficials at the league table need the batting order half an hour before game time for the first game of the day, and a full 1 hour for any games after the earliest one. So the need for parents to be on time is paramount.

9. All players must be in the same uniform with their proper number on their backs that are safely sewn on (no last minute safety pins). These numbers must match the positions they play and their batting line up order. The spikes should be black and not multi-colored.

10. Pitchers at the ages of 10, 11 & 12 need to set first (come to a complete stop) before pitching. Twisting the neck to look at base runners is allowed, but not a full body twisting.

11. The A (U12), B (U11) & C (U10) divisional ages are respected strictly and only 2 older boys are allowed on the diamound as an exception to the rule as long as they neither pitch or catch during the game.

12. Team captains will present themselves before the head umpire prior to game to do a rock, scissors paper account for who bats and fields first.

13. All other rules generally apply to the game that are interntional. Including the team cleaning up any garbage left in their areas and help with the racking of the diamond.