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Indy Magic Girls Basketball Club

Aug 12, 2017 - Magic Workout #2 8/20


The Magic will continue tryouts Sunday August 20th at University High School. Contact us by the contact tab or by email at indy.magic.basketball.aau@gmail.com

Classes 2019-2020 10:00-11:30AM

Classes 2021-2022 12:00-1:30PM

Aug 9, 2017 - Tabor & Sears Represent at Eastern Illinois Elite Camp


Cameron Tabor of New Castle and Maddi Sears of Carmel High School both had a good showing at Eastern Illinois Elite camp today. Tabor's team won the 5 on 5 championship while Maddi Sears won the Attitude Award. 

Aug 5, 2017 - Magic Represent at UIndy Elite Camp


The Magic Program was well represented at UIndy Elite Camp. Congrats to Leah Seib, Allie Smith, Madison Whetro, Maddi Sears, and Allison Bosse for a successful camp!

Aug 5, 2017 - Detroit Mercy Offers 2020 Power Forward


Unviersity High School Power Forward Lindsey Syrek has earned a scholarship offer the University of Detroit Mercy. Syrek led University to a 20-4 record in 2016-2017 averaging 17.5ppg 10.1reb 4.5blk as a freashman.

Click the link to check out Lindsey Syrek on youtube here:Lindsey Syrek 2020 PF University High School

Aug 4, 2017 - Young Magic Place 2nd at Gus Macker


Congrats to Magic 2022 players Abby Hannon, Kaitlin Makende, and Arion Sherrod for placing 2nd in the Gus Macker 3 on 3 tournament.

Aug 3, 2017 - Syrek Scores 1st Scholarship Offer


Unviersity High School Power Forward Lindsey Syrek has earned a scholarship offer from Murray State University. Syrek led University to a 20-4 record in 2016-2017 averaging 17.5ppg 10.1reb 4.5blk as a freashman.

Click the link to check out Lindsey Syrek on youtube here:Lindsey Syrek 2020 PF University High School


Aug 1, 2017 - Q & A With Coach Kelvin Scott


We caught up with Coach Scott to talk about the season, his favorite music, and new sneaks.

Indy Magic: How do you feel the season went?

KS:  I felt the expectations were high and overall we had 6 title appearances in I believe 10 events...so I would say it was successful.

Indy Magic: Talk about the improvements your team made over the course of the season? 

KS:  After some adjustments we started to gel...we had early issues finishing ball games. We let some leads evaporate a few times half way in the 4th at times. Once the July evaluation period began that was no longer an issue. We started finishing off ball games better. So to me that was our biggest improvement overall. Not to mention players simply got more comfortable at their roles.

Indy Magic: What was the highlight of July with your team?

KS:  The overall improvement of the team was my biggest highlight of July. Also winning 4 straight pools in 4 events. 3 in which lead to championship game appearances.

Indy Magic: With a group starting to get some college exposure how do you feel they played with the coaches in the stands watching?

KS: I'm going to use the word Unfazed. We all started to notice we were being viewed and I don't think the attention fazed the team one bit. In fact, we ended up playing at a higher level than I thought.

Indy Magic: You are known for your half court sets, talk about how you get them to execute so well.

KS:  Having playmakers certainly help. But knowing how you want to attack match ups play a vital role. Also coaching an unselfish team makes it very easy as well. Plays are designed to create space opportunities to score. The players do a phenomenal job of taking what the defense gave them. So I credit the players more than anything. Our team is also very balanced at all positions so that makes it easier.

Indy Magic: What improvements do you think going into next year the group needs to work on the most?

KS:  Everyone needs to return a better player. If that happens that is really all the improvements, we need. Becoming a better rebounding team and getting better rim protection will help as well. 

Indy Magic: Being a part of the Magic program for so long what do you enjoy the most about being a part of the Magic?

KS: Seeing how the program has evolved over the course of my time here is my biggest enjoyment. We started with 1 team, then once I got here there were just 2 for a few years. Also the quality of our practices as we grew as coaches. We all have a sense of the value of teaching in our practices and it’s a great thing to see.

Indy Magic: What are you looking forward to the most going into next season?

KS:  Having a group for 3 years. I'm sure it’s every club coaches dream to have little turnover with their rosters so that's exciting. I'm also excited to see how the players in the entire program grow from now until we start practice in the spring. 

Indy Magic: What music are listening to these days? Who is your favorite artist?

KS: I love listening to Jay-Z and found a liking to J Cole...but I also like to smooth it out with some R&B. 

Indy Magic: What do we have to get to get you out of those Adidas Shells into some Air Force Ones?

KS: Buy me some...lol

Jul 31, 2017 - Huge thank you to the class of 2018

We would like to thank our 2018 class for years of hard work and dedication. It was truly an honor and a pleasure to have you guys be a part of this program. Thank you so much! We love you!


Pictured: #52 Karinna Frankel, #20 Ali Gerka, #12 Mikayla Cleary, #15 Brittnay Wheeler, #44 Natalie Nickless

Jul 31, 2017 - USJN Summer Final Pool All Stars

Congrats to our Magic players for being named to the USJN Summer Final Pool All Star Team

  Lindsey Syrek   Cameron Tabor

  Jackie Maulucci   Leah Seib 

  Skylar Fulton

Jul 25, 2017 - USJN Midwest Summer Showcase Pool All Stars

Congratulations to our Magic players for being named to the USJN Midwest Summer Showcase Pool All Star Team


  Lindsey Syrek     Cameron Tabor

  Skylar Fulton      Allie Smith

  Natalie Nickless


Jul 24, 2017 - USJN Midwest Summer Showcase Results


Congrats go out to Indy Magic Blakley, Scott, and Syrek for winning pool play and advancing to the tournament. Catch them in the tournament and the following times.

Indy Magic Blakley 15U VS Gym Rats Cardinal 5:20PM @ JBFH

Indy Magic Scott 15U VS Cincy Swish Martin 6:30PM @ JBFH

Indy Magic Syrek 15U VS Gym Rats Red 4:10PM @ JBFH

Jul 24, 2017 - Magic Tryout Date is Set!!!


Indy Magic Girls Basketball Club will conduct tryouts August 12th for the 2018 spring and summer. If interested click on the "Contact us" tab on the menu bar or email us at indy.magic.basketball.aau@gmail.com 

Jul 21, 2017 - Hoopingarner Breaks Down Freshman Season at IUPUI


Catching up with Magic Alum Holly Hoopingarner on her adjustment to the College game, how she is preparing for her Sophomore season, and goofiest thing about Coach Parkinson.

Indy Magic: How has your summer preparation been this offseason?

HH: My summer preparation this offseason has been going really well so far. I definitely feel more confident going into this upcoming season with a hear under my belt because I was able to take that experience  I got last year and work on the skills I needed to improve on.

Indy Magic: Are you currently back on campus?

HH: I am currently back on campus...well I never really left. We had a few weeks off after school ended but I stayed to take class and go to the gym. I thought that it was in my best interest instead of going home.

Indy Magic: As a freshman you had a great year, talk about what you think you need to do to be better this season?

HH: Freshman year was great. I learned a lot about the game and more specifically about my game. I think a couple major things I can improve upon my sophomore year would be having a defensive mindset. That has never been a priority for me necessarily, but IUPUI is a very defensive oriented team.  Also, being a more vocal leader on the floor. I have always been that way, but coming into college as a freshman I didn't feel I had much say in what went on. Now, however, after a year I feel I have respect from my teammates so I have more vocal leadership opportunities.

Indy Magic: Talk a second about the speed of the game and the learning curve for an incoming freshman? You know every freshman thinks they are going to come in and play 40 mintues.

HH: I definitely thought I was coming in to be the starting point guard, but I was sadly mistaken... I remember my first week of real practice I felt like a chicken with my head cut off. Everything was moving so fast and all the returners knew everything there was to know and all of a sudden all of the littlest details mattered. It was very overwhelming. That feeling went on for quite awhile too. There was a lot I had to learn and a lot I had to work on in order to be at the level all my teammates were at. The game was faster and much more complex than ever, so it was a huge learning curve for me.

Indy Magic: Looking back at this past season what did the Magic do in order to best prepare you for college?

HH: Magic was a huge reason why I was able to play as much as I did as a freshman. My time with the Magic team developed my skills as a player and taught me how to take criticism from a coach.  Also, being in a program that was about getting better instead of winning made me appreciate the game more.

Indy Magic: What advice would you give our 2017 freshman beginning their college careers?

HH: Advice I would give the next class of freshman is to go into college with an open mindset. We think that because we got recruited D1 we know everything, but thats far from the truth. Be ready to learn and develop your game like never before. When you first get to college you think that just doing the 2 workouts you do each day is going to be enough...well it's not. You have to put so much extra time into your game and developing your body in the weight room and on the track it is unbelievable. Especially if you want to get playing time as a freshman.

Indy Magic: Talk about IUPUI and why you chose to commit there? 

HH: I chose IUPUI because it reminded me of the Magic. We are a family here and the coaches are serious about making us the best we can be on and off the court.  Also, everyone takes basketball and school very seriously and wants to be the best and that is the kind of environment I wanted to be a part of.

Indy Magic: How did you feel watching your Magic teammate become Indiana All Stars like you did this year?

HH: Getting to see my former teammates that I have played with since 7th grade become Indiana All-Stars was a great feeling. A lot of us were overlooked when we were younger and people counted us out, but we put the work in and the time and getting to see them accomplish such a goal was awesome to see.

Indy Magic: What is the goofiest thing Coach P does that the whole team laughs at?

HH: The goofiest thing that Coach P does is when he gets mad at us he will say things like, "You all are soft as grandma's cream pie!" or if you smile when you mess up he might say, "you better wipe that cheese smile off your face." Later everyone gets a good laugh out of his funny sayings. 



Jul 20, 2017 - Tabor Earns First Scholarship Offer


2019 New Castle Guard Cameron Tabor has earned a scholarship offer from D2 Maryville University in St Louis MO. Tabor led New Castle in scoring averaging 17.2ppg 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals per contest.

See Cameron Tabor Stats HereC. Tabor

Click the link to check out Cameron Tabor on youtube here:Cameron Tabor 2019 PG New Castle HS

Jul 16, 2017 - USJN Indy 100 Pool All Stars

Congratulations to our Magic players for being named to the USJN Indy 100 Pool All Star Team


 Maddi Sears                           Allison Bosse

  Jackie Maulucci                     Cameron Tabor

  Allie Smith                           Lindsey Syrek 

  Taylor Browning

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