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Indy Magic Girls Basketball Club

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"The coaching staff stays on these kids to make sure they are doing things the right way. The kids never get upset or frustrated with criticism. They embrace each one of the coaches styles, and you can see it in their play."

Magic Supporter  

"Justin teaches in a very unique way to simplify the game for his kids. The enhancement of their games are unbelievable because he finds ways for the kids to put everything together without too much thought. We need that in the college game."

Brian Thornton- Ball State University Assistant Coach  

"I knew Justin would be a coach when he came into his first Varsity practice as a 130lbs baby freshman and told our seniors to stop dogging it."

Brad Pensyl- Pocono Mountain West Head Coach 

"Justin lets us coach our teams the way we want. When he told me "If you guys do everything I do how are you getting better I knew this was the program for me to grow as a coach"."

Kelvin Scott- Head 13U Coach 

 "Coach Blanding and his coaches want to coach and develop kids. They volunteer their time away from their families for these kids and don't ask for a dime."

Magic Parent 

"Coach Blanding coaches with the same intensity that he played with as a player. He works hard, and expects the best out of himself and his players. With him learning from so many knowledgeable coaches and him coaching so many collegiate athletes he knows no other way than to coach hard and get the most out of his kids."   

Josh Estridge- 16U Coach

"Justin coaches these kids so hard but in a positive way. He expects perfection, and really holds the kids accountable. He is what girls basketball needs. His teams play hard and they execute. His kids are hungry and want to be the best. His staff also works very hard in getting these kids prepared for the next level."

Chris Towell

"Magic Basketball has impacted my daughter’s life in a very positive way.  The program has helped my daughter improve not only in the game of basketball but also and more importantly by teaching her life lessons."

Magic Parent

“The Coaching staff has the right mix of intensity which help the kids improve, but also offer a variety in their practices which keep kids excited about playing basketball.”

Magic Parent

“Coach Blanding is a very humble person, he respects his players and they in return respect him. He treats all of his players fair which helps build teamwork and creates positive team chemistry. His players know their role and how they can succeed in it.  Coach Blanding is very knowledgeable in the game of basketball and he and his staff are real assets to girls basketball.”

Magic Supporter

“Coach Blanding has demonstrated to us that he is a great and honest person, who cares about kids. He sets high expectations for his players. He treats them with respect and as a result he is very respected by his players.  He is the kind of coach who emphasizes that the team is what is most important, not the individual. His expectations of his players to be on time, get good grades and to act in a respectful way is a reflection of the things that are important to him.”

Former Magic Asst Coach

“Coach Kelvin communicates regularly with parents via email. He has been most helpful making sure that we know of schedule changes, which from a parent standpoint it fantastic. He communicates with players and parents via cell phones/texts. This is an extremely effective idea as that is their main form of communication. This also allowed the players to contact him and other coaches quickly and easily if necessary.”

Magic Parent

“Coach Blanding sets high standards for us and we expect nothing less than being the best. Coach Justin knows what it takes to get us to the next level, and he will make sure you work to get there. I think sometimes he wants it more than we do, but that makes us play that much harder for him.”

Jessica Carr- Valparaiso University  

"Without Coach Justin pushing me to the limit I don't know if would have been able to make it mentally at Purdue. He prepared us all for what college was going to bring, and now we all see the benefits and lessons he was teaching us."

Torrie Thornton- Purdue University

"As soon as I put on a Magic uniform it just felt right. I was new to the team and Justin pulled me to the sied just told me to trust him and it will all work out."

Maddie Herr- University of South Carolina Upstate 

"My dad Coach Scott didn't coach me like I was his daughter. He treated me like everyone else on the team and in the program. He made sure I worked for everything I earned, which is why I am playing at the next level."

Kiara Scott- Earlham College