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Jackson Polar Bear Lacrosse

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The Jackson High School Lacrosse program became proud members of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) in the spring of 2017 and competes in Division 1, Region 2.  The team began in 1993 and has progressed into one of the most consistent and top teams in Northeast Ohio.


Team Accomplishments:

Best Season Record: 13-4 (2005)

Best Playoff Finish: Elite Eight/Regional Finalist, 12-6 Overall Record (2012)


Player Awards/Honors by season: (Partial History, some not found)

U.S. Lacrosse All-Americans:

2009: Kyle Larsen

2011: Tom Herold

2017: John Thomas 

U.S. Lacrosse Academic All-Americans:

2017: Sam Shew





1st Team

2nd Team

Honorable Mention

Josh Herold, Attack-2012

Andrew Traicoff, Midfield-2012,2013

Tyler Furbay, Attack-2012

Cooper Merrill, Midfield-2012

Steven Coss, FO Specialist-2012

Spencer Sheetz, Attack-2012

Rick Catazarro-2012

Brian Stefan, Defense-2012

Max Hartong, Defense-2012

Tyler Furbay, Attack-2013

Josh Herold, Attack-2013

Michael Winkhart-2012

Max Hartong, Defense-2013,2014

Tyler Furbay, Attack-2014

Sam Gindlesberger, LSM-2012

Steven Coss, Midfield-2013,2014

Tyler Deagan, Defense-2014

Charlie Costin, Defense-2015

Michael Winkhart, Goalie-2013,2014

Jake White, Defense-2014

Luke Remlinger, Attack-2015

Tyler Deagan, Defense-2015

Luke Remlinger, Midfield-2014

Blake Haas, Midfield-2016

Jordan Remlinger, Attack-2016

Justin Brady, Goalie-2015

Dave Ellenberger, Attack-2016

Charlie Costin, Defense-2016

John Powell, LSM-2015

Cole Remlinger, Attack-2017

Adam Kelly, Goalie-2016

Ricky Spradling, Midfield-2015

Dominic Faiella, Attack-2017

John Thomas, Midfield-2016, 2017

Adam Washburne, Defense-2016


Chance Clevenger, FO Specialist-2017

Chance Clevenger, FO Specialist-2016



Sam Shew, Midfield-2016,2017



Chase Altier-2016,2017



Ian Gelal, Defense-2017



Trent Thomas, LSM-2017



Adam Kelly, Goalie-2017





1st Team

2nd Team

3rd Team

Honorable Mention

Josh Herold, Attack-2012

Cooper Merrill, Midfield-2012

Tyler Deagan, Defense-2015

Rick Catazarro, Defense-2012


John Thomas, Midfield-2017


Tyler Furbay, Attack-2013




Max Hartong, Defense-2013




Steven Coss, Midfield-2013




Chance Clevenger, FO-2017


 Year by Year Records

Season    Head Coach Record    Other/Notes
1999 N/A 2-7 Division 2
2000 N/A 2-6 Division 3
2001 Gary Pottebaum    9-8  
2002 Gary Pottebaum 9-9  
2003 Gary Pottebaum 7-11  
2004 Gary Pottebaum 4-12 Moved up to Division 2
2005 Phil Mauro 7-8 Moved up to Division 1B
2006 Phil Mauro 13-4 Division 1B becomes Divison 2
2007 Phil Mauro 8-5 Moved up to Division 1
2008 Sam Carmony 9-9 First ever win over Hoover
2009 Sam Carmony 6-11  
2010 Sam Carmony 8-8  
2011 Sam Carmony 9-8  
2012 Sam Carmony 12-6 Regional Runner-Up, ranked #12 in final state rankings
2013 Hans Rydquist 12-5 #11 in final state rankings
2014 Hans Rydquist 6-10  
2015 Hans Rydquist 10-8  
2016 Bobby Lyle 12-7  
2017 Bobby Lyle 13-7