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News Article - Anasazi Chaco Canyon Stimulation Game lauded for realistic terrain and landscape. - Feb 27, 2018

It has been reported that the popularity of the game Anasazi of Chaco Canyon owes its credit to the many mysteries that have been surrounding the Chaco Canyon and all of its inhabitants. With modern day scientists still baffled over the mysteries and the scenario of this civilization, it has intrigued many of the avid gamers to explore this mysterious place from the comfort of their PC or MAC.Gamers have widely claimed that they prefer to play the Anasazi of Chaco Canyon because of the inhospitable terrain which increase the level of difficulty in the game play.

Inside sources are already questioning the presence of the large and multi storey buildings which has very little evidence of human habitation and even fewer hearths. Most of the gamers have stepped to admit to the fact that it makes them question the design and the existence of any human habitation, asking whether they were built to intimidate or impress the general public like those in the Vatican civilization. The game’s most popular feature includes the dangerous and massive slabs of sandstones. With shadow play, the Sun Dagger on the Fajaja butte has been now capacitated for gamers to track the entire equinoxes as well as the solstices which will enable them to time the planting and harvesting in agriculture.

With the realistic terrains and landscape, most of the gamers prefer to play the game with 3D stimulation for an enhanced experience of game play. The game covers the landscape of the fourteen major ruins of the Chaco Canyon that has intrigued most of the excavations and scientists all over the world. Most of the researches of the actually Chaco Canyon has stepped out into the lime light and claimed the fact of the matter that they also play the virtual games because it is based on the real terrains and landscape of the civilizations.  For more information please visit https://www.amazon.com/Anasazi-Chaco-Canyon-Simulation-Game-Mac/dp/B078GCN37N

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