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LBA Umpires

2017 LBA Umpire Requirements

- All umpires must fill out a W-9 form (regardless of past submission)

                -click here to download W-9 form



- 3rd grade games, $25 per game

- 5th grade games, $35 per game

- 7th grade games, $45 per game

- 9th grade games, $55 per game


Game Assignments

- As in the past, umpires will sign up for games online to ensure that their game assignments will work with their schedules.  Details regarding online game signups will be at training.


Contact Information

- Umpire Operations/Scheduling Director - Greg Carlson - umpiredirector@icloud.com

The Umpire Director will handle all umpire training, all umpire game and rules related issues, and any problems the umpires incur with coaches or fans.  The Umpire Online Scheduling Director will handle the online scheduling process and any scheduling issues, which includes cancellations and rescheduling games.

- Umpire Payroll Director - Kristin Carlson - lakevilleumps@icloud.com

The Umpire Payroll Director will handle all payroll related issues.