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Oct 18, 2014 - JV Game vs Pottsville cancelled

 October 20th JV football @ Pottsville Stadium CANCELLED
Mr Spotts was just notified Pottsville must cancel the JV game for Monday due to injuries in last nights Varsity game.

*** There is no change to the Middle School game Oct 20th
Which will remain as Scheduled away vs Shenendoah also at 5pm

Oct 15, 2014 - Sr Night set up Oct 17th

Help is needed to prepare for Sr Night Oct 17th.

Decorating of fieldhouse and hanging of banners etc... will begin at 1pm on Oct 17th.
This is open to any parents, not just parents of Sr. players.

Mr. Spotts has set the agenda for Senior Night.  Gates will open at 5:45 to allow parents to enter and put a blanket down to save seats. Jen asks that parents or anyone walking in the procession be in the Shull-David parking lot as close to 5:45 as possible.  We will distribute flowers, line up alphabetically within clubs, and be ready to proceed as an entire group across the street to the sideline at 6:05. The procession will start promptly at 6:15. Everyone's cooperation is very important in order to have the procession run smoothly and on time- we are blessed with over 50 seniors to honor and need to surrender the field back to the bands/football teams for a timely kickoff.  Any questions- feel free to provide my contact info to parents! Many seniors have not turned in their procession sheets yet- please remind them!

Questions contact Jen Haberman 610-577-5104

Oct 15, 2014 - Sept unofficial minutes have been posted in minutes section, Next meeting Oct 16th


Usually our meetings are usually the 3rd Thursday of the Month.
Due to a change in District policy meetings at the HS will be held in the auditorium instead of room D124 

Date: Oct 16th, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: LAHS room A142

Tenative dates for 2014-2015 meetings

Nov 20 Thursday at LAHS  room A142
Dec 18 Thursday at LAHS  room A142
Jan 1 Thursday at LAHS  room A142
Feb 19 Thursday at LAHS  room A142
Mar 26** Thursday at LAHS  room A142
April 16 Thursday at LAHS  room A142
May 28** Thursday at LAHS room A142
Jun 18  Thursday at food stand
Jul 16  Thursday at food stand

Oct 14, 2014 - This weeks Team Meal #8 Oct 16th THURSDAY

A full list of team meal sponsors is on our sponsor page.
Make sure to let them know you appreciate their support of Indian football.

Also thanks goes out to the volunteer servers for this weeks team meal:
Matt & Mary Durishin, Terry & Tammy Haydt, Norine Zehner, Chrissy Mayernik, Michelle Christman, Mary Barilla

Volunteers, please plan to be @ the MS cafe  by 5:00 for set-up,(food will

be delivered between 5:30-5:45 @ the latest)....The team & coaches should be  arriving @ approx.
6:00 or shortly thereafter.........

Matt & Mary Durishin schedule all Team Meals and server help.
If you have any questions or to be put on a future schedule:
Matt can be reached at 610-577-6354 or Mary at 610-657-9208

We all appreciate all efforts to support the TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More

Oct 13, 2014 - TouchDown club 2015 elections of officers

Elections of officers for 2015 will occur at the Jan 2015 meeting.

To be eligible to vote or be elected you must be a member of the Touchdown club as defined in the by-laws.
Atendence of only 2 meetings in the previous 12 months is needed for membership.

So any interested parties can still qualify.
We expect significant changes to the board in 2015, your consideration is appreciated.

Sep 30, 2014 - Lottery Calendars and money need returned ASAP

*** Note Calendars returned late are still excepted BUT winning numbers that occured up to and including day of return will not be valid. IE If you hand the tickets on Oct 3rd.... Oct 1,2 &3 will not pay out on that card. But the day after hand in (so Oct 4) would still be valid. Lottery calendars maybe handed in to any Club officer or coach

HS & MS players were handed Lottery calendar envelopes out after practice.

Each player was sent home with an assigned envelope that includes 10 serialized lottery calendars to sell at $10 each.
Do your best to sell all 10. If you can sell more contact Lisa Troch for extra tickets.
Calendar stubs and payment should be returned to a club officer or coach  by Friday September 26th. (club officers listed on website)
Cash is accepted but writing 1 check is preferred. Please make checks payable to Lehighton Touchdown Club.
Calendars and players name should be noted in memo line.

See Lisa Troch or any club officer to hand in the ticket stubs and payments.

Unsold tickets must also be returned by Friday September 26th.

Lottery calendars are the clubs ONLY mandatory fundraiser. No candles, chocolate bars, fozen pizzas, etc...
Your participation is appreciated. Traditionally these calendars gross close to $10,000 for the club. Payout amounts vary by day.
Net profit for the club will vary based on actual winners. Full details are listed on the calendars.
Lottery calendars winners based on the PA Lottery daily numbers in  Oct, Nov, Dec.
Winners are paid weekly by the club treasurer.

Parents with multiple players in the progam will get 10 tickets for each player , we realize this can be challenging, do the best you can and return unsold tickets by September 26th.



Sep 29, 2014 - Class reps

Class reps make sure player and parents info is up to date.
They are parents general go to contacts.

Class of 2015-Jen Haberman (610) 577-5104
Class of 2016-Brenda Koons (484) 464-3805
Class of 2017-Jerry Strubinger (570) 657-0777
Class of 2018-Brian Scherer (570) 778-9696 or (570) 386-3540
Class of 2019- LeeAnn Truhe (570) 386-5069
Class of 2020- Nicci Fritzinger (610) 509-9832

Upcoming Games

Friday, Oct 24th
7:00 PM


Monday, Oct 27th
6:00 PM

No upcoming games...

Middle School

Monday, Oct 27th
5:00 PM