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Lehighton Indians

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 1) Printed copies of club by-laws are available at regular meetings.
 2) You can download a PDF of them now.  TDClub By Laws June 21,2012.pdf 
 3) You can read them online below.




Lehighton Touchdown Club, Inc.




Section 1.  The name of The Club shall be Lehighton
Touchdown Club Incorporated.


Section 2.    On June 19, 1997 the club was incorporated
under this name, formerly known as the Lehighton Football Parents Club.


Article II:   PURPOSE


Section 1.     The purpose of this club is to enhance the
student athletes experience in the Lehighton Football Program. We will
accomplish this by providing financial support for special programs that will
improve the program and performance of the athletes. We will also provide
encouragement, stimulate community interest and promote support of the program
in various ways. We will promote good fellowship, sportsmanship, respect and
proper conduct among the followers of the Lehighton Football Program.


Section 2.    All Club members MUST REALIZE there is no
intent for this club to interfere with coaching policies and/or philosophies.
Active participation in this club in no way provides preference in playing time
for student athletes or special privileges for parents of the athletes.


Article III:  


Section 1.     Membership shall be open to all current
and past parents or legal guardians of any member of the Lehighton Area
Football Program grades 7-12 which also includes student managers and


Section 2.     Membership is also open to anyone 18 years
or older who wishes to actively participate as working member of the club.


Article IV.   MEETINGS


Section 1.     The Lehighton Touchdown club shall meet
once a month with the fiscal year running from January 1 to December 31. The
day of the month for meetings will be set by the President and approved by
majority present.


Section 2.     Quorums will be termed present when there
is a minimum of three voting members present and a minimum of 50% of the
current elected officers. A quorum must exist for a meeting to be official and
any votes to be carried into official Action.


Section 3.    Special meetings may be called by the
President or by majority vote of the membership.  For such meetings, the members will be
notified by newspaper, telephone, email, and/or post cards.


Article V.   VOTING


Section 1.    To be eligible to vote upon business and
affairs of this club, a member must be in good standing.  A member must attend two meetings in the
previous twelve months to be eligible to vote.


Section 2.   In order for a vote to carry it must consist
of a majority of the members present and at least 50% of the current elected
officers must be present.


Article VI.  


Section 1.   Each year, at the January meeting, election of
officers shall be held. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice
President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 
The term of each office shall be one year.


Section 2.   Officers may serve consecutive terms if
re-elected. There is no limit on the number of terms an officer may serve as
long as they are elected by a majority of the members at an official meeting
each January.


Section 3.  Office vacancies by death, resignation, or
removal, or by reason of the creation of a new office shall be filled by
election of membership with nomination from the floor.


Section 4Duties
of the President
shall be to preside over all meetings of the club. The
president shall also appoint Committees and Grade Parent Leaders each year at
the January meeting. The President shall also preside over banquet awards,
which honor pour graduating football players.


Section 5Duties
of the Vice President
shall be to perform the duties of the President in
the latter’s absence or in the event of the President’s office becoming
vacant.  The Vice President shall also
Chair the fund raising committee each year.


Section 6Duties
of the Secretary
shall be to keep accurate minutes of the proceedings of
the club, conduct necessary correspondence, keep attendance of meetings, and
issue proper notice of the meetings of the club and other duties as assigned by
the President.


Section 7
Duties of the Treasurer
shall be to keep the accounts of all financial
records of the club current and in good order.


Article VII.    


Section 1.  All checks require two signatures. Officers
shall be designated signers on bank accounts.


Section 2.  Expenditures under $250.00 can be approved by
majority of the executive committee. All expenditures over $250.00 must be
approved at general membership meetings, with the exception of large purchases
to stock the refreshment stand.


Article VIII.    


.   The President shall appoint
committee Chairpersons.


Section 2.  Committees shall consist of not less than
three members in addition to the Chairperson.


Section 3. The Executive
Committee shall consist of all current elected officers. This committee shall
also serve as the budget and finance committee. The Executive Committee has the
authority to act on behalf of the membership during its adjournment.


Section 4.  The appointed committees shall be the
following but not limited to this list:


  1. Fund Raising Committee – In conjunction with the
    budget, determine amount of money needed and select number and type of
    fundraisers to be conducted to attain that goal.


  1. Refreshment Stand Committee – Organize and
    facilitate all functions of the refreshment stand operation for home games and
    Kick-off day abs other functions when deemed appropriate.


  1. Banquet Committee – Organize and plan the season
    end banquet.


Article IX.   


Each year the touchdown club grants a scholarship to the football scholar athlete. The coaching staff, guidance department and the Athletic Director chooses the recipient of the award. The amount of the scholarship is currently $500.00. The amount to be granted shall be evaluated by the executive committee on an annual basis. If there were a need to raise or lower the amount of the scholarship, the executive committee would then make a recommendation to the general membership for a vote.


Article X.   


Section 1. These By-Laws may
be amended by majority vote of the membership at an official meeting.




Section 1.  These By-Laws shall be effective immediately
upon adoption by the voting membership at an official meeting.


on June 21, 2012