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Main Line Synagogue Softball League

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It was in 2000 when Penn Valley resident Scott Plavner approached many of the synagogues on the Main Line about starting a Sunday Morning Softball League to create camaraderie among the different synagogues; creating a new avenue for each individual shul to grow membership in its Men's Club and in some cases use the teams to build men’s clubs at synagogues where none existed.

Starting out as an eight-team league, which consisted of Adath Israel, Main Line Reform, Beth Hillel, Har Zion, Lower Merion Synagogue, Beth David, Beth Am and Bnai Aaron playing seven inning games, which is standard for softball, Plavner's continued efforts of promoting the league has paid off as participation has nearly doubled with 14 teams currently participating in nine inning games. 

The postseason tournament was renamed in honor of Dr. Jeffrey Blum, who passed away after battling Pancreatic Cancer. Blum, a proud husband, wife Cindy and father of three Abigail, Samantha and Ethan all of whom graduated from the Shipley School was arguably one of the most popular players to participate in the league. Plavner said, "Dr. Jeff Blum was an original member of helping to organize and encouraging me to start the league. He played just about every game for the first 10 years and only when he became ill did he stop participating. Jeff was a sensational teammate, funny, kind, supportive and one heck of a pitcher who was a very pious Jew and loved to davven."