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Kentucky Hill

Aug. 27, 2017

Kentucky Hill

Sam Mackenzie leads a sprint heat of DBs up Kentucky Hill

The Spartans coaching staff felt the team needed a change of scenery to wrap up their first week of training camp, so they packed up their gear and relocated Friday's practice to Kentucky Hill.  Farmland from 1874-1964, and then purchased by the City of Mississauga, Kentucky Hill has been used in the winter by generations of kids in the Lorne Park community as a tobogganing run.  On Friday, the Spartans would be racing up the hill instead of down in a grueling, but team-bonding series of hill-sprints.

In a test of strength, speed, and endurance, the fastest hill-runners from each positional group advanced until only one offensive player, and one defensive player remained: DB Sam Mackenzie and WR Will Manko.  In the final race, Mackenzie got out of the blocks a split second faster and was able to hold off the speedy receiver as he closed the gap in his final strides.

Will Manko and Sam Mackenzie, the fastest two Spartans, take on Kentucky Hill.

"It was nice to change it up a bit," said Spartans head coach Scott Price.  "We spend three weeks together before we play an exhibition game, and even though we're only just getting going, things like this help keep it fresh while also building a bit of a brotherhood and sense of camaraderie between each unit, both sides of the ball, and the team as a whole."

With a week of conditioning-focused practices under their belts, the Spartans will now turn their attention to system installation and special teams as they prepare for their three-day trip south where they'll square off against the Holy Names Knights on September 8th.