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Spartans Decisive in Home Opener

Box Score

Oct. 6, 2017

Spartans Decisive in Home Opener

On a perfect fall day, on the site of so many Lorne Park Football games since 1958, the Spartans came out ready to play against a talented St. Roch team, and earned a 54 - 8 victory.  The team was ready for the speed and size of St. Roch and proved once again, that they are a team with real potential this season.

As any coach knows, every football game is decided by five plays.  The result of those five plays determine everything and on this day the opening play of the game set the tone for the afternoon.  As the ball flew through the air, with both teams nervous with pregame energy,  the Kickoff Return unit went to work and strong blocking set the field for a touchdown return by Liam Bowman.  The score immediately set Lorne Park up for a big day and it seemed to deflate St. Roch's squad.

The high powered offense continued to be dominant this season with its most impressive display to date.  The speed, size and variety of weapons the Spartans have at their disposal was impressive and resulted in Lorne Park jumping out to an early lead that they would not give up.  QB Nolan Dillingham continued to impress with his development from wr to qb, with accurate short and deadly deep throws.  He was absolutely dialed in against Roch, who had no answers for his ability to use the entire field.  Two throws in particular stood out, with a superb read and bullet throw to game day captain Chey Charles, who showed his hands off with the grab and drove into the endzone.  And the second was the deep ball thrown to Nate DeMontagnac whose footwork and route running remind people of the beauty of a Swiss chalet in the Alps. Nate was also a big contributor stepping in to play defensive back as well for the team.  The team is a better unit with DeMontagnac on the field.  Dillingham who threw for three touchdowns on the day could easily have repeated as offensive player of the game with his strong afternoon.  Making matters tougher for the St. Roch defense was that the air attack was complimented with a unrelenting ground game.  The backfield of Charles and Bowman once again proved to be a lot to handle as they both ripped off long runs with speed and power.  The duo, still in need of a nickname have been a force for the team this year.  WR Braden Jaeurnig and Francis St. Onge also had big plays on an afternoon when all the pistons were firing.

The defense once again was a picture of preparation, aggression and skill.  The defensive line was in the backfield the entire game and controlled middle run with strength and effort.  With injuries trying to slow down the Spartans, more was asked of some players and they were ready for it.  Carr Hogan, the all purpose weapon for Lorne Park, was terrific in double duty with work at will backer and offensive line and Zander Castro Wiese showed that he could be a game changer at defensive tackle as well as on the offensive line.  The Spartans aggression resulted in a constant stream of turnovers and two and outs by St. Roch, allowing the team to control field position for the majority of the game. Inside backers Liam Jeewan and Max Henry were rock solid again, taking away all hope from the running backs.  Halfback Max Ramsay who played sam backer for the game was superb at setting the edge and allowed the defense to flow to the run.  When Roch went to the air, safety/halfback Shadi Abdelmalik was there to take away their shots with two picks, one a pick six returned on an unfortunate penalty.  A shout out also must go to cornerback Sameer Qazi, who was not only the team's best dressed player but he stood in and squared up Roch's fullback who thought he had mismatch but he was shown to be incorrect by Qazi who stopped him in his tracks. As players were substituted in, the aggressiveness and ability of the defense remained high and first year players Kobe Buraconek and Sam Rolston both gained valuable experience going against Roch's starting offense.  It was a great team effort all afternoon and the kind that is demanded of teams with playoff goals.

The Pump Offensive Player of the Game could have been a variety of players but it went to Zander Castro Wiese for his physical tone setting play on the line.  The Pump Defensive Player of the game went to ball hawk Shadi Abdelmalik.

The Spartans now have the long weekend to rest up and prepare for another short week and another tough opponent with the Chad Owens Jr led undefeated St. Marcellinus Spirit coming to the Cage.  The game is a "school buy-in", so a good, loud crowd of cheering students, and cowbell banging parents is expected for the 12:00 kick off.