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Schedule / Results

2017-2018 Madison Hockey League - Schedule

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December 2017
Sun12/03/2017Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun12/03/2017Flyers (Blue) v Capitals (Red)2:30 PM
Sun12/03/2017Bruins (Blue) v Wolverines (Red)3:30 PM
Sun12/10/2017RSL GamesFCRHL1:00 PM
Sun12/10/2017Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun12/10/2017Capitals (Blue) v Flyers (Red)2:30 PM
Sun12/10/2017Wolverines (Blue) v. Bruins (Red) 3:30 PM
Sun12/17/2017Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun12/17/2017Flyers (Blue) v Capitals (Red)2:30 PM
January 2018
Sun01/07/2018Bruins (Blue) v Wolverines (Red)1:00 PM
Sun01/07/2018Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun01/07/2018Capitals (Blue) v Flyers (Red)2:30 PM
Sun01/14/2018Wolverines (Blue) v. Bruins (Red) 3:30 PM
Sun01/21/2018Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun01/21/2018Flyers (Blue) v Capitals (Red)2:30 PM
Sun01/21/2018Bruins (Blue) v Wolverines (Red)3:30 PM
Sun01/28/2018Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun01/28/2018Capitals (Blue) v Flyers (Red)2:30 PM
Sun01/28/2018Wolverines (Blue) v. Bruins (Red) 3:30 PM
Sun02/04/2018Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun02/04/2018Flyers (Blue) v Capitals (Red)2:30 PM
Sun02/04/2018Bruins (Blue) v Wolverines (Red)3:30 PM
Sun02/11/2018Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun02/11/2018Capitals (Blue) v Flyers (Red)2:30 PM
Sun02/11/2018Wolverines (Blue) v. Bruins (Red) 3:30 PM
Sun02/18/2018Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun02/18/2018Flyers (Blue) v Capitals (Red)2:30 PM
Sun02/18/2018Bruins (Blue) v Wolverines (Red)3:30 PM
Sun02/25/2018Instructional League Game1:30 PM
Sun02/25/2018Capitals (Blue) v Flyers (Red)2:30 PM
Sun02/25/2018Wolverines (Blue) v. Bruins (Red) 3:30 PM