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Maui Football Combine: 2012 Photo Album by Riley Hunter Kanoa Yap 

Maui Football Combine: 2012 Photo Album by Randy Jay Braun

  MIL football players stay busy in June




Lahainaluna senior-to-be Tytus Lucas is one of the top returning performers at the Maui Football Combine 2012 



Maui Football Combine

* Held once a year at Lahainaluna Stadium on the second Friday in June

* Measuring the skills college coaches use to evaluate recruits

* Certified combine results give prospects credibility in the college recruiting process

* Athletes are grouped by school and ability


Who Can Attend:

* Must be a high school underclassmen — current freshmen (2015), sophomores (2014) and juniors (2013)

* Must be a Maui Interscholastic League player. All MIL female athletes are eligible

* Eight-man football teams from Hana, Seabury Hall, St. Anthony, Molokai and Lanai are eligible

* Visiting high school athletes must be approved for online registration by MFC officials

* Visiting athletes are not eligible for Late/Walk-up registration



* 4 p.m. check-in / 6 p.m. testing starts



* Release of Liability Form (must be signed by at least one parent)

* Inform Consent Waiver (must be signed by at least one parent)


What to Bring:

* Shorts, workout towel (Camp t-shirt provided)

* Cleats and sneakers (indoor and outdoor drills)

* Bring your own food/snack and sports drink

* Note: Water is provided


What to Expect:

— 40-yard Dash* 

— Pro-Agility (5/10/5-yard shuttle drill)*

— 3-Cone Shuttle (L-drill)*

— Vertical Jump

— Bench Press (maximum reps @ 225 lbs, 185 lbs, 155 lbs, 135 pounds)

* Clocked by SportsTesting.com electronic laser timing equipment

Note: Athletes get two tries in each event, except for bench press.



* Athletes who check-in after 4:15 p.m. are considered no-shows and can be replaced by a walk-up.

Limited number of walk-ups are available, priority will be given to athletes on a first-come, first-serve basis.

* We encourage all friends and family members to attend and cheer on their favorite athletes.

Family and friends are required to view the running events from the stadium bleachers.

Portable chairs are welcome for viewing the bench press and vertical jumps.





For 2011 MFC Individual Results click on "Roster" at top of home page and select player.

 144 New Photos added June 11, click for Photo Gallery 

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As usual, the Lahainaluna coaches are focused on getting the best efforts from our MIL football players

 Players combine for great times at Lahainaluna

By HIsportsfolio.com

WAILUKU — In the end, new records were set in three of the five disciplines at the second annual Maui Football Combine, all on Lahainaluna High School's new Hellas Matrix athletic field.

"It was exciting, in fact, better than anticipated," Maui Football Combine Director Rodney Yap said following the testing on Friday, June 17. "We knew that once the wind settled down, and the boys got comfortable running and cutting on that beautiful surface, we were going to see some impressive marks."

Riding the coat-tails of the popular television series "Friday Night Lights," the free-event received a boost when the MIL's most-seasoned players picked up the intensity, particularly on their second efforts.

While King Kekaulike and Maui High was busy on the Bench Press and Vertical Jump inside near the locker room, Baldwin, Lahainaluna and Kamehameha Maui were stationed at the Pro-Agility Shuttle, 3-Cone Drill and 40-yard Dash, respectively.

It didn't take long for the "A" groups to make an impact as Baldwin's BJ Wilhelm-Ioane was timed in 4.28 seconds in the Pro-Agility Shuttle. Classmate Kaiana Carnvel later tied Wilhelm-Ioane's mark. Lahainaluna's John Mishima set the bar in the 3-Cone Drill with a time of 7.25, while Baldwin's Vetekina Malafu wowed spectators in the 40-yard Dash with an impressive 4.47. 

Later, all eyes were on King Kekaulike's Kepa Luat-Hueu, who blistered the 3-Cone Drill in 7.00 on his first try. He also posted the second best 40 in 4.48.

"I made it a point to watch Pasoni (Tasini), Kepa and BJ. I expected them to do well," Yap said of the talent at the combine. "The sleepers were Kina (Malafu), John (Mishima), Keelan (Ewaliko) and Jay Braun.

"The jury's out on Braun as a football player, since Seabury plays 8-man, but as an athlete — and only a freshman, mind you — Jay may have been the most impressive individual at our combine."


JAY BRAUN. His 16 reps on the bench press was third overall at 185 lbs. Four of the top seven lifts at 185 were established by juniors. Last year no one attempted 225 on the bench. This year six athletes did 225 and all but one had double-digit results.

BJ WILHELM-IOANE. His combination of strength, speed and relentless pursuit on-field makes him one of the best linebacker prospects in the state.

PASONI TASINI, a very busy four-sport MIL Athlete of the Year in 2010-11, improved in all categories from a year ago. His combine best 32.5 vertical jump is the one stat that jumps off the paper its written on when you consider he's 6-foot-3, 240 lbs. Easily the MIL's top college football prospect, Tasini figures to have as many as a half dozen Division I-A scholarship offers by the time the MIL season rolls around. Hawaii, Utah and UNLV are among the front-runners right now.

VETEKINA MALAFU. The numbers this young man posted speaks for itself. His bench press (12 reps at 225) was the one discipline that pushed him ahead of Tasini and Wilhelm-Ioane, when you factor in his 180-pound frame. The MIL's best hurdler in the spring, Malafu's durability and injury rap sheet are areas he needs to improve on. Brother, Tevita, left for Utah last week, after getting a walk-on invitation from former Baldwin coach Chad Kauhaahaa.

KEPA LUAT-HUEU. Already blessed with some natural talent and football instincts, Luat-Hueu is motivated for his senior season. A jack-of-all-trades kind of player, Luat-Hueu's explosiveness will be best utilized as a strong safety and return specialist.

Make no mistake about it, the MIL's top performers are among the best in the state ~



The Maui Football Combine athletes and staff send a huge MAHALO to Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc.





Message to MFC Supporters

$55,300. More than fifty-five thousand dollars, that is the monetary value of the 2011 Maui Football Combine to the 79 MIL football players who participated — 10 days ago — on June 17, at the Lahainaluna Stadium.

If our MIL football players had to travel to Oahu to be tested, each player and at least one parent would have to pay an estimated $700 for airfare, rental car, hotel and food for a minimum two-day stay. Instead, our MIL athletes stayed at home, didn't spend a penny and received an "Official" MFC T-Shirt.

The value and positive impact the Maui Football Combine is making on Valley Isle families will continue to grow as we open the testing to female athletes and possibly other sports in the future.

Now that we have done it twice, there is a huge appreciation for the coaches who have shared our mission to provide "free" combine testing to our Maui County athletes — so college and university coaches will be better equiped to evaluate our local talent. Meanwhile, an athlete's performance card is a bonus reference on his athletic resume.

The date of the event is critical. But regardless of the day, there will always be a conflicting event. Friday night in Lahaina worked well and the fact that Lahainaluna's field is among the state's best surfaces is a no brainer. Not to mention, Lahainaluna's superior support and professionalism — beginning with co-head coaches Bobby Watson and Garret Tihada.

Coach Watson continues to serve as the Combine Head Coach and his vision for the on-field testing was easily the most improved aspect in 2011 compared to 2010. Had we adequately staffed all the stations like we had game-planned we could have easily finished the testing a minimum of 30 minutes faster. Watson and the Lunas have already committed to adding two new Vertical Jumps for next year. In addition, had we been properly staffed on the field we could have easily handled 150 athletes.

We also made huge strides in the programs and software we use, thanks to our only other administrator besides myself, Faith Ewbank. When you consider we have "NO" budget and spend our own money for printing, etc. To have a professional design a program specific for our needs would have been a huge expense that commercial Combines like NIKE and NUC have deep pockets for. Although I have to admit, I have seen their sites and our results are easier to negotiate and far more pleasing on the eye.

We have tossed around a few fresh ideas and may even be ambitious enough to actually try some new things in 2012 . . . anything is possible.

Best regards,

~Rodney S. Yap

Director, Maui Football Combine 2012


Kamehameha Maui's Ken Kanemitsu is timed in his 3-Cone Shuttle Run

Maui Football Combine 2011

 Friday Night Lights, that’s what June 17, 4 p.m., at Lahainaluna High School will shape up to be as Maui Interscholastic League football underclassmen showcase their skills at the second annual Maui Football Combine. Players from across the Valley Isle will travel to the West Side, instead of Oahu or the Mainland, to be tested in specific drills en route to establishing a physical profile.

 The Maui Football Combine mission is to help prepare MIL football players for the college opportunity should they be committed and motivated to play at the next level.

“Our goal is to provide a complete physical picture of each player, then posting the information online for interested college coaches to view,” said Combine Director Rodney Yap. “Combine numbers help college coaches evaluate potential recruits. So its important that our MIL football players don’t get overlooked during the recruiting process because they were unable to attend a Combine on the Mainland or Oahu.”

 “We are excited to have our event on such a premium surface,” added Yap. “Lahainaluna’s Hellas Matrix athletic field is in a class by itself and to be able to utilize it under the lights will be a memorable experience for all our athletes and our coaches.”

“It’s especially important that our athletes, particularly the underclassmen, participate and continue to try and get better,” said Combine Head Coach Bobby Watson of Lahainaluna. “This is the first step in helping our kids get to college.”

 Participating in a combine is the beginnings of the recruiting process, and performing well at one may jump-start an athlete’s recruitment.

 Here are the performance tests designed to evaluate each athlete's speed, agility, strength and explosive power.

 40-Yard Dash or "The 40"

The 40-Yard Dash has become the standard for speed testing.

 Pro Agility Shuttle  (5-10-5 Short Shuttle)

The Pro Agility Shuttle is a measure of explosive lateral movement and multiple changes of direction.

3-Cone Shuttle or L-Shuttle (Long)

The 3-Cone Shuttle measures the ability of an athlete to change directions while continuing to run forward.

 Vertical Jump

The Vertical Jump is a measure of an athlete’s lower extremity explosiveness.

 Bench Press

The Bench Press is the last physical test performed and is reflective of an athlete’s upper body strength. 

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