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Cricket > Pre-season Double Wicket Competition

Feb. 8, 2012

Everyone As you might have seen (if you were paying attention to AGM report) we are planning to stage a pre-season double wicket competition on Sunday April 22 as a way of getting rid of a few pre-season cobwebs and having a bit of fun before the serious business of winning game begins. Basically, we need either 12, 14 or 16 people to take part, so that we have 6, 7 or 8 teams. I will send plenty of reminders before April 22, but thought I'd get it in everyone's diaries now. I have come up with a format that means everyone will bowl equivalent of 4 overs and bat in partnership for 8 overs during the afternoon (except for the two teams reaching the final, who get a bit more). So everyone will get equal chance to shine! We'll aim to start at about 1 p.m. (tbc) and depending on the number of teams it should end between 5.30 and 6.30 pm. That's really all you need to know for now, so email me back whenever you know whether you want to take part. But for those interested, this is how it will work: 12 PEOPLE (6 TEAMS) 6 teams split it into two groups of 3, therefore each team plays two matches. Final is between the two group winners Matches to be 4 overs per team (2 bowled by each team member). Teams bat full overs regardless of wickets. Team total is runs scored minus 6 runs for every wicket. Numbers mean that at any time you'd have 2 batting, 1 umpiring, 9 fielding - which is enough for realistic fields but not enough to just pack the boundary. 14 PEOPLE (7 TEAMS) One group of 3 teams playing two games each as above. One group of 4 teams, playing 3 games each. The 4-team group games to consist of 2 x 8-ball overs per team (which means the players in 3-team and 4-team groups all get excactly same amount of batting and bowling). Two group winners play a 4-over final. 16 PEOPLE (8 TEAMS) Two groupsof 4 teams, each playing 3 matches according to the 2x8-ball over format above. Again everyone ends having bowled 24 balls batted in partnership for 48 balls. Final between two group winners, 4 x 6-ball overs. I'll work out the playing schedule and be able to instruct on the day, who is fielding, batting, padding up ready for next match etc at any particular time - so all you need to do is turn up ready to play! FORMATIONS OF TEAMS I gave some thought to how you work out the teams. The stats programme I use has an application where it assigns points for performance, as though we were the players upon whom a Fantasy league was being based. Based on people's average points per game in 2011 (batting and bowling) we can rank the players from 'highest' to 'lowest', so the teams will be Highest with Lowest/ Second Highest with Second Lowest etc - in order to ensure competitive balance. It prevents Marius and Lee deciding to team up as a dynamic duo and wipe everyone else off the park! That's it for now. Put it in your diaries and let me know in due course. David




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