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Cricket Bat Size Guide

Cricket Bat Size Guide

Cricket Bat Grain

Generally you would expect a cricket bat to have wide grain if it has less than 6 grains on the face. The width of the grain is dependant on how fast the tree has grown and each grain represents one years growth. Factors affecting the rate of growth are the soil quality and amount of water available to the tree.

Generally 12 to 18 years gives a wider grain with 25 years or more a narrower grain. A narrow grain cricket bat will certainly play well, quicker, but will not have a particularly long life.

On the other hand a wider grain cricket bat (with as little as 4 grains on the face) will play as well, given time, as a narrow grain, it will also, without doubt have a longer life span. The reason for this is that the wood is not as old, so it is stronger and will stand up better to the beating with some of the very hard balls used in matches these days.


Cricket Fielding Positions

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Beach & Backyard Cricket Rules 

Beach Cricket  Rules to the backyard / street / beach version of the glorious game.