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Like & Share:70/30 Prize Draw

This is a monthly draw, with a total prize fund payout of 70% of the money paid into the  draw. The money is split in to first second and third prizes. The remaining 30% goes towards the running of the Little Missenden Misfits Cricket Club.

Every 6 months there is a super draw or 'Snowball Draw' where one luck winner will receive a prize amount approximately double the usual monthly first prize amount.

Participants of the draw pay a £5 monthly standing order subscription and have the opportunity of receiving the occasional prize cheque as a most welcome surprise, while at the same time making a small but very valuable contribution towards the upkeep and development of the club.

If you would like to become a participant of the 80/20 prize draw or would like more information please email: zed7000@hotmail.com

How the prize fund is split per month (with an example monthly total pot of £200): -

  • 1st Prize - 70% of the total pot x 0.5 = £70
  • 2nd Prize - 70% of the total pot x 0.2 = £28
  • 3rd Prize - 70% of the total pot x 0.1 = £14
  • Into the Snowball Draw fund - 70% of the total pot x 0.2 = £28

Therefore the payout for the Snowball Draw in this example would be £16 x 6 (months) = £168

Remember to visit every month and click on the News link to find out the latest winners and prize amounts.

The more people that particpate in the 70:30 Prize Draw the bigger the prize payouts.