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Rules for Newark Indoor Tournament:

All kicks will be indirect kicks. Except for what would be penalty kicks.
No sliding on the gym floor.
All balls out of bounds will be kick-ins.
You must give 3 yards on all kicks.
Balls above the mats behind the goals, and above bleachers out of bounds and a kick for opposing team. 
(Behind goals are goal kicks or corner kicks.)
Balls that hit the ceiling will be indirect from where they hit.
Goalies cannot punt the ball. They can place it down or throw it. They cannot throw it past midfield in the air.
All other FIFA rules apply

Game play:
After the completion of the previous game the clock will be set to 15 minutes Sat and 16 minutes Sunday and started.

There is no warmup time allotted. Teams can loosen up in hallways, but there is no ball play in halls.
As soon as the two teams are ready to begin play the game will begin. 
We have a very tight schedule and do not want to fall behind.

In all age groups, it will be 5 vs. 5 (4 plus keeper). At Elementary level coaches can agree to play 6v6.
Also at elementary if a team goes down by three goals they can add a player.

Time continues to run even after goals. The ref can determine to stop the clock in the case of a serious injury.

3 points for a win
1 point for each goal up to 3 – even in a loss
1 point for a tie
½ point for a shutout

Tie breakers:
Head to head
# of wins
Least number of goals against
Most goals for (max 3 per game)
3 kick shootout