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May 19, 2017 - Boys IHSA Sectionals 5/18/17

Boys' Team placed 3rd with 50 points at the Sectionals Meet held in Carlinville on Thursday, May 18th. Josh Weller and Jacob Bounds both qualified for the IHSA Boys State Track meet Thursday, May 25th. Josh qualified in the Discus with a throw 134' 10" placing him 2nd and Jacob qualified in the 400m dash with a time of :52.64 and the 200m dash with a time of :23.53 placing 2nd in both events.

Results: Josh Weller: Shot Put- 38' 2" 12th place; Discus- 134' 10" 2nd place *State Qualifier*

Will Christopher: Shot Put- 36' 9.25" 14th place; Discus-82' 7" 17th place

Nate Clark: 100m- :11.61 3rd place

Bryce Hiler: 100m- :11.84 5th place

Justin Bounds: 800m- 2:18.87 7th place

Ethan Fatheree: 800m- 2:19.77 8th place

Jacob Bounds: 200m- :23.53 2nd place *State Qualifier*, 400m- :52.64 2nd place *State Qualifier*

Hunter Buchanan: 1600m- 5:26.33 10th place

Kendall Bearden: 200m- :24.80 10th place

4x100- :44.93 3rd place (Nate Clark, Nick Smith, Kendall Bearden, Jacob Bounds) (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

4x200- 1:36.07 3rd place (Tim Goeckner, Nick Smith, Bryce Hiler, Kendall Bearden)

4x400- 3:47.08 5th place (Tim Goeckner, Ethan Fatheree, Nick Smith, Kendall Bearden)

4x800- 8:54.64 4th place (Ethan Fatheree, Hunter Buchanan, Justin Bounds, Vicenzo Finocchiaro)

May 19, 2017 - IHSA Girls State Meet 5/18/17

Lauren placed 25th overall with a throw of 106' 3" in the discus at the IHSA Girls State Meet at Eastern Illinois University Thursday, May 18th.

May 19, 2017 - IHSA Girls State Meet 5/18/17

Lauren placed 25th overall with a throw of 106' 3" in the discus at the IHSA Girls State Meet at Eastern Illinois University Thursday, May 18th.

May 16, 2017 - Capital Area Classic 5/15/17

Boys' Results 

Nate Clark: 100m- :11.95 5th place, Long Jump- 18' 9" 7th place

Jacob Bounds: 200m- :24.38 7th place, 400m- :53.29 5th place

Josh Weller: Discus- 140' 10" 5th place

4x100- :45.49 4th place (Nate Clark, Jacob Bounds, Kendall Bearden, Nick Smith)

4x200- 1:37.5 6th place (Nick Smith, Tim Goeckner, Kendall Bearden, Bryce Hiler)


Girls' Results 

Hailey Swick: 100m- :14.01 5th place, 200m- :28.57 5th place, 400m- 1:04.48 8th place

Kylee Kazenski: 800m- 2:35.89 5th place, Pole Vault- 6' 7" 7th place

Chloe Fess: 300 Hurdles- :52.92 3rd place

Lauren Sullivan: Shot Put- 32' 11.5" 7th place, Discus- 106' 3" 5th place

May 12, 2017 - Gillespie Boys Invitational 5/12/17

Boys' team placed 3rd with 82 points at the Gillespie Invitational Friday, May 12th.


Nate Clark: 100m- :11.89 1st place

Bryce Hiler: 100m- :11.96 2nd place

Jacob Bounds: Long Jump- 18' 9.75" 3rd place, 200m- :23.78 1st place, 400m- :54.18 3rd place

Kendall Bearden: 200m- :24.57 3rd place

Justin Bounds: 800m- 2:12.61 4th place

Ethan Fatheree: 800m- 2:14.84 5th place

Hunter Buchanan: 1600m- 5:24.74 4th place

Tim Goeckner: 300 Hurdles- :46.05 4th place

4x200- 1:39.24 2nd place (Tim Goeckner, Nick Smith, Justin Bounds, Bryce Hiler)

4x400- 3:49.65 3rd place (Ethan Fatheree, Tim Goeckner, Kendall Bearden, Nick Smith)

4x800- 9:16.22 2nd place (Ethan Fatheree, Justin Bounds, Hunter Buchanan, Vincenzo Finocchiaro)

May 11, 2017 - IHSA Girls Sectionals 5/11/17

Girls placed 8th at sectionals out of 17 teams with 30 points.


Hailey Swick: 100m- :13.77 9th place, 400m- 1:03.49 4th place, 200m- :28.43 7th place

Kylee Kazenski: 800m- 2:34.97, Pole Vault- 7' 1" (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

Brandi Broaddus: 800m- 3:03.79 14th place

Chloe Fess: 100m Hurdles- :18.50 3rd place, 300m Hurldes- :52.5 3rd place

Audrey Pieper: 300 Hurdles- 1:05.05 13th place

Lauren Sullivan: Shot Put- 33' 4.75" 3rd place, Discus- 111' 10" 3rd place (NEW SCHOOL RECORD) *****STATE QUALIFIER*****

Kailey O'Neal: Shot Put- 23' 9.5" 23rd place

Anni Ibberson: Discus- 81' 8" 13th place

Kinley Whalen: Long Jump- 11' 5.25" 24th place

Haily Vance: Long Jump- 10' 8" 25th place

May 10, 2017 - Macoupin County Track MEET 5/8/17

Boys placed 3rd and Girls placed 5th at the Macoupin County track meet Monday, May 8th.

Boys' Results 

Nate Clark: Long Jump-19' 1.5" 5th place, Triple Jump- 39' 7.5" 3rd place, 100m- :11.71

Jacob Bounds: 20' 1.5" 2nd place, 800m- 2:16.68 3rd place, 400m- :54.28 4th place

Josh Weller: Shot Put- 38' 11.5" 5th place, Discus- 133' 4" 3rd place

Kyle Fouts: Pole Vault 9' 6" 5th place

Vincenzo Finacchiaro: 3200m- 12:32.99 6th place

Colby Rheude: 110 Hurdles- :20.87 6th place

Bryce Hiler: 100- :12.0 4th place, 200m- :25.43 6th place

Ethan Fatheree: 800m- 2:17.45 4th place

Kendall Bearden: 400m- :55.22 5th place, 200m- :25.06 4th place

Tim Goeckner: 300 Hurdles- :49.06 6th place

4x100- :45.46 (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

4x400- 3:50.23

4x800- 9:36.23


Girls' Results 

Kylee Kazenski: Pole Vault- 7' 0" 5th place (NEW SCHOOL RECORD) , 800m- 2:34.74 2nd place (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

Lauren Sullivan: Shot Put- 34' 0.75" 1st place, Discus- 95' 4" 2nd place

Anni Ibberson: Discus- 80' 3" 6th place, 100m- :15.3 6th place

Kinley Whalen: 3200m- 17:28.56 5th place

Chloe Fess: 100 Hurdles- :18.39 1st place, 300 Hurdles- :54.45 3rd place

Hailey Swick: 100m- :13.73 3rd place, 400m- 1:04.15 3rd place, 200m- :28.05 2nd place

Brandi Broaddus: 800m- 3:01.75 6th place

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