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North Mac Panthers Track and Field


May 18, 2018 - IHSA Boys' Sectional

Boys' team placed 7th overall with a total of 23 points. Haidyn Branson qualified for state in the Shot Put with a 2nd place finish throwing 44'6"

 5-17-18 IHSA Sectionals BOYS.pdf 

Boys' Results

100- Tim Goeckner :11.58 6th place

200- Hunter Buchanan :24.74 15th place

400m- Justin Bounds :55.75 7th place

1600m- Taggart Price 6:28.00 25th place; Austin Gyorkos 6:41.61 26th place

3200m- Taggart Price 14:03.77 12th place; Austin Gyorkos 14:46.89 13th place

110HH- Cameron Cotterman :18.02 7th place; Colby Rheude :20.89 15th place

300LH- Cameron Cotterman :44.74 6th place (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

Shot Put- Haidyn Branson 44'6" 2nd place (STATE QUALIFIER); Cameron Cotterman 40'5" 6th place

Discus- Eric Kirby 100'0" 10th place; Dalton Loftis 90'2" 18th place

Long Jump- Taggart Price 14'10.25" 20th place

4x100- :45.29 6th place (Bryce Hiler, Tim Goeckner, Gavin Mayes, Hunter Buchanan) (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

4x200- 1:35.16 3rd place (Gavin Mayes, Ethan Fatheree, Hunter Buchanan, Tim Goeckner) (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

4x400- 3:35.37 3rd place (Gavin Mayes, Ethan Fatheree, Justin Bounds, )

May 18, 2018 - IHSA Girls' STATE 2018

Girls did well on the first day of competition at IHSA 1A State. Lauren threw the shot put and discus. Hailey Swick ran in the 400m dash. We also had 3 relays, 4x100, 4x200, & 4x400, compete as well, with 2 of the 3 breaking school records. 

Girls' Results

Lauren Sullivan- Shot Put- 30'11.5"; Discus- 87' 0"

Hailey Swick- 400m- 1:02.52

4x100- :52.100 Chloe Fess, Alli Kallenbach, Hailey Swick, Taylor Rose-Jones (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

4x200- 1:53.83 Emily Nichelson, Taylor Rose-Jones, Jayden Cole, Alli Kallenbach 

4x400- 4:21.17 Chloe Fess, Emily Nichelson, Jayden Cole, Hailey Swick (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)

May 15, 2018 - Capital Area Classic

We did not get to complete the meet due to typical track weather, but we were able to finish a few events before Mother Nature became angry. 

 5-14-18 Capital Area Classic.docx 


Shot Put- Haidyn Branson 45'7" 6th place

4x100- :45.96 7th place (Andrew Petty, Bryce Hiler, Gavin Mayes, Tim Goeckner)

4x100- :52.96 2nd place (Chloe Fess, Alli Kallenbach, Hailey Swick, Taylor Rose-Jones)

4x800- 12:37.0 7th place (Makenna Buchanan, Audrey Pieper, Jordan Broaddus, Brandi Broaddus)

May 14, 2018 - Boys Gillespie Invitational 5-11-18

Boys' team placed 5th overall with 52 points. 

5-11-18 BOYS Gillespie Invitational.docx 

Boys' Results

Tim Goeckner: 100m- :11.64 4th place

Hunter Buchanan: 200m- :24.34 3rd place

Ethan Fatheree: 400m- :56.77 5th place

Taggart Price: 3200m- 13:53.69 5th place

Cameron Cotterman: 110HH- :18.36 3rd place; 300LH- :47.46 4th place; Shot Put- 40'4" 5th place

Haidyn Branson: Shot Put- 44'2" 3rd place

4x100- :46.79 3rd place (Bryce Hiler, Andrew Petty, Gavin Mayes, Tim Goeckner)

4x200- 1:38.74 2nd place (Bryce Hiler, Gavin Mayes, Hunter Buchanan, Tim Goeckner)

4x400- 3:43.77 3rd place (Gavin Mayes, Ethan Fatheree, Justin Bounds, Tim Goeckner)

May 11, 2018 - IHSA Girls' Sectional

North Mac Girls' team tied for 3rd with 62.5 points alongside Auburn! We had multiple state qualifiers, broken PRs and school records too! These girls did amazing!


4x100- Chloe Fess, Alli Kallenbach, Hailey Swick, Taylor Rose-Jones

4x200- Emily Nichelson, Taylor Rose-Jones, Jayden Cole, Alli Kallenbach

4x400- Chloe Fess, Emily Nichelson, Jayden Cole, Hailey Swick

400m- Hailey Swick

Shot Put- Lauren Sullivan

Discus- Lauren Sullivan

 5-10-18 IHSA Sectionals GIRLS.pdf 



100HH- Chloe Fess :17.78 4th place

200m- Jordan Broaddus :30.88 16th place

300LH- Chloe Fess :52.04 6th place

400m- Hailey Swick 1:01.5 3rd place (STATE QUALIFIER) (PR)

800- Kylee Kazenski 2:43.86 4th place; Brandi Broaddus 3:09.08 9th place (Season PR)

4x100- :52.11 1st place (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)(STATE QUALIFIER)(PR)

4x200- :53.46 2nd place (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)(STATE QUALIFIER)(PR)

4x400- 4:23.35 2nd place (NEW SCHOOL RECORD)(STATE QUALIFIER)(PR)

4x800- 13:29.86 7th place (Makenna Buchanan, Audrey Pieper, Jordan Broaddus, Brandi Broaddus)

High Jump- Jayden Cole 4'6" 4th place; Makenna Buchanan 4'2" 8th place

Long Jump- Alli Kallenbach 14'4" 6th place; Taylor Rose-Jones 13'4" 10th place

Pole Vault- Kylee Kazenski 7'0" 5th place

Shot Put- Lauren Sullivan 33'5.5" 2nd place (STATE QUALIFIER); Lillian Carlile 27'8" 12th place (PR)

Discus- Lauren Sullivan 108'10" 3rd place (STATE QUALIFIER); Lillian Carlile 62'11" 19th place


May 7, 2018 - Macoupin County Track Meet

On Friday, May 4th, at the Macoupin County track meet the Girls' team placed 1st and became champions for the first time in North Mac History! Girard last held the title in 1974, and Virden never was able to grasp that title since the beginning of the meet starting in 1973. Girls beat out Staunton 135 points to 127.5! There were also multiple records broken at the meet. Kylee Kazenski broke her own records in the 800m run with a time of 2:34.54, the 1600m run with a time of 6:08.22, and the Pole Vault with a height of 7'6". The 4x100 team also broke a record that was put in place in 2012 with a time of :53.05. The Boys' team placed 4th overall with 61 points.

 5-4-18 Macoupin County Meet Girls Results.docx 

 5-4-18 Macoupin County Meet Boys Results.docx 

Girls' Results

Hailey Swick: 100m- :13.57 1st place; 400m- 1:02.74 2nd place

Taylor Rose-Jones: 100m- :14.15 6th place; Long Jump- 13'5.5" 3rd place

Alli Kallenbach: 200m- :29.93 4th place; Long Jump- 14'2" 1st place

Jayden Cole: 400m- 1:09.90 6th place; High Jump- 4'9" 1st place

Kylee Kazenski: 800m- 2:34.54 3rd place *(NEW SCHOOL RECORD)*; 1600m- 6:08.22 3rd place *(NEW SCHOOL RECORD)*; Pole Vault- 7'6" *(NEW SCHOOL RECORD)*

Makenna Buchanan: 800m- 3:05.40 6th place

Maddie Marsh: 3200m- 21:05.10 6th place

Chloe Fess: 100HH- :17.51 2nd place; 300LH- :52.38 4th place

Lauren Sullivan: Shot Put- 32'10.5" 1st place; Discus- 96'6" 3rd place

Lillian Carlile: Shot Put- 25'4.5 6th place

4x100- :53.05 1st place *(NEW SCHOOL RECORD)* (Chloe Fess, Alli Kallenbach, Hailey Swick, Taylor Rose-Jones)

4x200- 1:57.30 1st place

4x400- 4:28.68 1st place

4x800- 13:13.29 3rd place


Boys' Results

Tim Goeckner: 100m- :11.71 3rd place

Gavin Mayes: 200m- :24.83 6th place

Justin Bounds: 400m- :56.84 4th place; Triple Jump- 37'1.5" 4th place

Cameron Cotterman: 110HH- :18.73 6th place; 300LH- :47.11 5th place; Shot Put- 40'6.25" 5th place

Ethan Fatheree: 300LH- :47.54 6th place

Haidyn Branson: Shot Put- 42'8" 2nd place

Bryce Hiler: Long Jump- 17'1.5" 5th place

4x100- :46.27 3rd place

F/S 4x100- :51.15 1st place

4x200- 1:36.80 2nd place

4x400- 3:41.03 2nd place

4x800- 9:48.16 2nd place


May 2, 2018 - Sangamo Conference

On Tuesday, May 1st at Sangamo Conference, the girls' team placed 2nd to Pleasant Plains scoring 76 points to their 135, and the boys' team placed 7th with a score of 31 points.

 5-1-18 Sangamo Conference Track Meet Boys Results.docx 

 5-1-18 Sangamo Conference Track Meet Girls Results.docx 

Girls' Results

Hailey Swick: 400m- 1:03.47 2nd place

Kylee Kazenski: 800m- 1:38.95 2nd place; Pole Vault- 7'0" 1st place

Chloe Fess: 100HH- :17.89 4th place; 300LH- :54.20 4th place

Lauren Sullivan: Shot Put- 31'1" 2nd place; Discus- 95'5" 3rd place

Jayden Cole: High Jump- 4'6" 6th place

Alli Kallenbach: Long Jump- 14'11" 6th place

4x100- :53.72 2nd place

4x200- 1:58.53 3rd place

4x400- 4:34.61 2nd place

4x800- 12:36.56 4th place


Boys' Results

Tim Goeckner: 100m- :11.53 5th place; 200m- :24.13 5th place

Ethan Fatheree: 300LH- :47.89 5th place

Cameron Cotterman: 300LH- :48.24 6th place; Shot Put- 39'6.5" 6th place

Haidyn Branson: Shot Put- 41' 0.5" 4th place

Justin Bounds: Triple Jump- 37'8" 4th place

4x200- 1:40.15 3rd place

4x400- 3:45.61 4th place

4x800- 9:24.43 4th place

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