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UMMAA Is Back!

Sep. 18, 2014

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah, 

I hope everyone is excited to hear those sweet sounds of that hardwood pounding, net-swishing, double-dribbling crossover euro-stepping actioin that we all know and love!

This year, InshaAllah, things are going to be different.  More organized, more opportunity, more fun.  Let's all hope we can co-operate, have patience and help out as much as possible - All for the sake of Allah SWT - and make this as good as we know we can make it. Remember...as an Ummati, we must strive for the betterment of our Iman, first and foremost, and then - and only then - can we expect to make progress in this Dunya.  With that in mind, a few reminders:

- Absolutely No Swearing/Vulgar language will be tolerated.  

- Absolutely No Fighting.  You will be banned.

- All participants are expected to attend prayer when it is time to do so.  You will be asked to leave and not come back until the week after for blatant failure to adhere to this.  

- Since we will be praying in the gym, so we shall treat it with the same respect as if one was entering the Masjid; therefore, I ask that everyone please perform ablution before coming to play or waiting for your game to start.  We'd like to limit the time spent on waiting for everyone to perform ablution to pray, so to make it as prompt as possible please make this a practice. Ideally 15 minutes should suffice for prayer time.

- Please do not dispose of the brown paper towels in the toilet.  We received many warnings from the Board last year and they threatened to cancel our permit if it persisted.  It's simple really...there's another round hole with a black bag inside it that would be happy to take your waste - USE IT!

- Arrange for pick-up at 10:15, not 10:30.  We need to be out by that time, so any hagglers will be asked to stay home if this problem persists. 

I don't mean to sound like the second coming of Hitler or anything, but these are very simple expectations and not hard to live by. It makes things easier for me, you, and everyone else.  So, please follow these reminders to the best of your ability and make dua that all runs smoothly for all. More will be discussed and revealed as time passes InshaAllah.  Forward any questions to my email at munsmail@gmail.com.  

JazakAllah for your time and see you soon InshaAllah!




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