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Barlaston Plume of Feathers Bowling Club




                 The Barlaston Plume of Feathers Bowling Club

                         (Incorporating Meaford Bowling Club)


                      90th Annual Presentation Night

The Barlaston Golf Club                  November 11th  2016. 7.30pm.


   President                            Chairman                            Vice President

   Mrs J Shenton               Mrs. E Philpott                          Mr. P Philpott



   CW Harvey, Rev AC Freeman, CLLR EW Braine, Prof PJ Rollo,

   LV Evans,    CLLR AA Dofsky, Mrs AG Dofsky, HV Talbot,

  S Barcroft, RJ Edge,    K Clowes, AS Philpott, P Philpott,

  RW Wright, CLLR PJ Nichols, EJ Hawkins, PD Radford,

  GG Ferneyhough, I Bryant.



   I Bryant, PJ Nichols,




 Secretary         Match Secretary        Treasurer                   Greens Manager

 Mr. R Kelsall       Mr. I Bryant             Mrs. J Shenton             Mr. R Kelsall   


 League / Teams                               Captains                              Vice Captains

N Staffs Saturday Parks                  Mr S Amos                           Mrs P Simpson                   

Saturday Mixed                                Mr D Robinson                   Mr D Lewis                    

Oakhill Jubilee A                               Mr G Ridge                          Mr G Heath

Oakhill Jubilee B                               Mrs J Shenton                     Mr J Storer

Newcastle Midweek                        Mrs P Simpson                    Mr T Bailey

Stoke on Trent                                   Mr R Kelsall                        Mr C Evans

Staffs County Ladies 1                      Mrs J Finney                       Mrs M Archibald

Staffs County Ladies 2                     Ms B Bartosz                       Mrs J Shenton  

N Staffs Thursday Parks                   Mr R Kelsall                        Mr S Amos

N Staffs Industries A                         Mr N Ellis                            Mr K Perkins

N Staffs Industries B                         Mr J Storer                         Mr G Heath


         In 1737 there was a Bowling Green in Barlaston (Parish Records)





                        Welcome by the Clubs President :- Jenny Shenton

                        Toast to Absent Friends - MC


                        2016 League Reminder of a Good year


Stoke on Trent Div4 – Finished 3rd (Painful reminder lost by 1 point)

Staffs County Ladies 2 – Finished 3rd in their first year in Div3         


                       2016 League Honours


Staffs County Ladies Div3 League Averages - D Henry (1st)

Stoke on Trent Div 4 League Averages - C Evans (3rd)                                  

Newcastle Midweek Div 1 League Averages – P Simpson (4th)

Staffs County Ladies Div1 League Averages – L Rowley (4th)

Stoke on Trent Div 4 League Averages – G Henry (9th)                                  

Newcastle Midweek Div 1 League Averages – J Farmer (10th)


Liz Rowley semi- finalist in the May Smith, runner up in the Rose bowl

and runner up in the Dorothy Pierce comp. Well done.

Liz Rowley & Gil Welsh  runners up in the Dorothy Piearce

National Doubles Comp’


                                  Presentation Party


       President – Jenny Shenton                 



                                        Trophy Presentation



                                        Final Toast


                                       OPEN COMPETITION


The Nichols Claret Jug.                                   R/U        – Mr R Kelsall


The 1928 Presidents Cup.                               Winner  – Mr C Evans


                                     JUNIORS COMPETITION


The L&A Stones Junior Cup.          Singles      Winner – J Farmer

The Joe Davis Teachers Trophy.                      R/U       – T Farmer 


                                         TEAM AVERAGES


Oakhill Jubilee League         ‘B’ Team Averages Cup                –  Mr D Lewis

Stoke on Trent League.       The Fred Stevens Cup                    – Mr C Evans

Newcastle Midweek.           Sid Hawkins Memorial Cup          –  Mrs P Simpson

Thursday Parks.                    The J Wright Cup                            –  Mr R Kelsall

Staffs County Ladies 1         The Bill Johnson Memorial Cup  –  Mrs P Simpson

Staffs County Ladies 2         The Nora Clowes Memorial Cup  –  Mrs D Henry

Saturday Parks.                     Plume of Feathers Average Cup –  Mr G Farmer

Saturday Mixed.                   The Charles Harvey  Cup               – Mr H Peach 


A.S Philpott                             Club Member of the Year            – JENNY SHENTON


                      Other Notable Honours for 2016


Liz Rowley won the county averages.

Junior County Selection - J Farmer, also team Captain

Junior County Selection - T Farmer


                                            Members 2016



M Archibald, C Bailey, T Barnett, B Bartosz, V Bourne, M Caufield,

J Finney, S Finney, D Henry, L Hollinshead, S Houghton, V Hughes,

A Hulson, R Katbamna, S Mahoney, J Peach, E Philpott, H Punchard,

L Rowley, M Scott, J Shenton, P Simpson, L Stones.


S Amos, T Bailey, B Blood, N Boulton, S Brassington, B Burrows,

P Caufield, C Evans, G Farmer, G Finney, G Godwin, A Griffiths,

J Griffiths, G Heath, G Henry, A Hollinshead, S Hollinshead,

T Hulson, A Ikins, R Kelsall, S Kettle, M King, D Lewis, H Peach,

P Philpott, L Pointon, K Perkins, G Ridge, D Robinson, J Scott,

P Shenton, J Storer,  R Watson-Smith,  A Wheatley.




 J Farmer, T Farmer.


Honorary Members


Mrs G Banks, Mrs K Bryant, Mrs J Davis, Mrs N Hanstock,

Mr N Morrissey, Mrs J Nichols, Mrs K Ratcliffe,  R Whalley, R Wright,


                                   WELL DONE TO ALL THE BOWLERS


              AGM January 16th 2017, 7:30pm at Barlaston Golf Club.


                                             HAPPY 2017