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Shippensburg Xtreme Softball/Baseball - Shippensburg, Pa

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Shippensburg Xtreme Softball & Baseball



Dear Business Owner or Manager,


We represent the Shippensburg Xtreme Organization. Our goal is to improve the youths skills to get them ready for the next level &  grow the Organization with multiple age groups such as 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u, & 23u.  Our teams will usually play in tournaments in Pennsylvania, Maryland & possibly West Virginia & Virginia at an average cost of $500 - $700 per tournament. In addition to tournament entry fees, we also have uniforms, equipment, insurance, and ball field costs.

To help with our expenses, the Shippensburg Xtreme Organization will be holding a lot of our own fundraising.  We understand the seriousness of today’s economy; however, we are asking businesses and individuals to help sponsor.  In addition, any business or individual who donates $150 or more will have their company name placed on our team banner that are displayed at all tournaments.

Your support for our season is greatly appreciated.  Any donation will help with our team(s).  Please make checks payable to:  Shippensburg Xtreme.  If you have any questions, please contact Heath Newell, Xtreme President, at 717 377-8859.  Checks may be mailed to Heath Newell @ 14 Irvin Drive, Shippensburg, PA  17257.


Thank you for your support!!


The Shippensburg Xtreme Organization


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