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2017 World Series

Atlanta Sidewinders



World Series Standings 

National Divison 1    W   L    T   PTS  RA


       Natonal Division 2     W   L  T   PTS  RA   PCT
Paso Robles  (BiiiP)  6  1  0   12  26  .857   Las Huertas   5  1  0   10  15  .833
Atlanta Sidewinders  4  2  0   8  29  .667   Arizona Angels   5  1  0   10  24  .833
Santa Clara Twins  3  2   1   7  38  .583   CenCal Nuts   5  2  0   10  31  .714
Orange Country Rays  4  3  1   9  36  .563   Santa Rosa Rosebuds   5  2  0   10  37  .714
Rocky Mnt Oysters  3  4  0   6  27  .429   Arizona Thieves   4  2  0    8  26  .667
San Diego Redbacks  2  4  0   4  37  .333   Nassau Pirates   3  3  0    6  18  .500
Long Island Cardinals  1  4  0   2  37  .200   MSL All Stars 3  4   0  6  34  .429 
Long Island Black Sox  1  4  0   0  49


  Arizona Sotrm  2  4  50  .333


MABL World Series Website

*World Series STATS*

Sidewinders Game by Game Updates


The Sidewinders hit town in Tempe, AZ for the World Series

The Sidewinders take two wins on Day 1!!

 Game 1

The story of the day was to score big in the first inning(s).  The Sidewinders scored 4 first inning runs against the Long Island Black Sox.  Richard Pirkle had a big double to score the first run and then a Black Sox error allowed another two runners to score.  Our pitcher, Ted Pratt threw well, giving up only 3 hits over 7 1/3 innings, but was his usual wild self (over the last several months), walking 7 and hitting 2 batsmen.  The Sidewinders added 2 more runs in the top of the 7th, to take a 6-1 lead.  Pratt limited the Black Sox to 1 run into the 7th.  In the top of the 7th, Dan Lazzaroni came in and gave up a couple of hits after Pratt had hit a batter and walked another.  Those two guys scored, giving the BS 3 runs.  Jason Creel, Eric Esquilin and Joe Wilson each had RBI’s in the top of the 7th.  SW6 – BS 3.  The SW added another run in the 8th inning to win the game 7-3. 

There was some excitement in the 8th, when our reliever Dan Lazzaroni had a blister pop, getting blood on the ball, which is not allowed.  Richard Pirkle had to come in to close the game down.  You never know what is going to happen in baseball!

Game 2

Game 2 versus the Santa Clara Twins started the same way.  Starter Brandon Theilk shut the SCT down in the first inning 1-2-3.  Then the SW put up 5 runs in the bottom of the 1st!  After a lead-off walk to Joe Wilson and a single by Julius Thames, Pirkle hit a sac fly scoring Wilson.  Then two base-hits and two doubles and by Vince Palmer, Ted Pratt, Jason Creel and Dion Tenney scored another 4 runs.  The SW added runs in the 3rd and 4th innings on singles by Palmer and Creel.  A pair of triples by Dan Lazzaroni and Eric Esquilin added two runs in the 4th.  SW 8 - SCT 1.

Theilk was not as sharp as usual, squeaking out of a bases loaded jam in the 2nd, giving up 3 hits and one error at shortstop, allowing only 1 run.  He gave up 2 runs in the 5th inning after walking two and allowing a double.  SW 8 – SCT 3.  Then SC struck in the 6th with two lead off doubles scoring a run.  Theilk was relieved by Steve Barnett.  An untimely balk allowed another run to score, SW 8 – SCT 5.

The Twins made it a tight game, scoring 1 in the 7th.  SW 8 – SCT 6.  But the Sidewinders exploded for 6 runs in the bottom of the 7th after the SC pitcher, Madrid, tired and their relief corps was not up to the task.  After a lead-off walk to Will Scott and a base-hit by Esquilin, the pitchers hit two batters and Vince Palmer had an RBI single followed by a sac fly by Lazzaroni.

SW 14 - SCT 6.  Barnett allowed a couple of hits in the 8th, but struck out two to end the game.  The game timed out at 3 hours after 7 ½ innings.

We are off to tomorrow against the Punishers!!

Game 3

Huge Tempe Diablo Stadium was the scene for game 3 versus the reigning 2015 and 2016 World Series champion team, formerly from Paso Robles, CA but now located in Phoenix – with the incomprehensible name of Biiip.  If you recall, they were previously called the PUNISHERS, and their team is a bunch of ridiculously tall, weight lifting dudes (steroids? J) with tattoos…..lots of them.

Well, they were good as always.  Their pitcher was a long haired gentleman who pitched in the Independent leagues all summer.  He was about 6’-6”.  He threw a lot of spinning stuff, and not a lot of fast balls.  Our pitcher, Will Scott, had played with him in the MLB minor leagues and they chatted before the game.

Once again, we came out hot, scoring 2 in the first inning.  It should have been 3 but a bad umpire call – calling a hit a foul ball hurt.  Biiip strung together 3 singles in the 3rd inning to take a 3-2 lead, but the Sidewinders answered in the bottom of the third on a walk and an errant throw by the Biiip catcher to tie the score 3-3.

In the 5th inning, Biiip had a single, a double by their lead-off man and another single to score 3.

B6 – SW 3.  After 90 pitches, we pulled Will Scott after 5 innings and put in Richard Pirkle to catch.  Richard threw well, going 1-2-3 through their order in the 6th and 7th innings, but the SW did not score during that time.  Biiip had two doubles in the 8th inning to score 2 to take an 8-3 lead.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, Joe Wilson led off with a walk.  Consecutive singles by Julius Thames and Richard Pirkle and another walk sat their pitcher down after 125 pitches, with the SW scoring 2.  Their relief guy gave up an infield hit to Jason Creel on a shattered bat, plating Pirkle.  B8 – SW 6.  A rip by Stantrell Smith was errantly called foul down the 3rd base line, which was a killer.  It would have scored Palmer.  Smith then hit into a fielder’s choice when Palmer was forced at 3rd.  Then another controversial call was when Smith was called out stealing.  It appeared that he had the base, but it was a close play.  A strike out ended the inning.

And that was pretty much how it ended up, Biiip 8 – Sidewinders 6.  We play two more games today in pool play against teams from Denver and New York.  We are in third place after 3-0 Biiip and the San Diego Red Backs, who are also 2-1, but have given up one less run than us.

Day Three

Game 4

The Sidewinders met the Denver Oysters on Friday at 1:30pm at the Salt River Complex, where the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks play their spring training games.  It was a rematch, with the SW beating the Oysters in 2015 and a turned table in 2016, with the Oysters eliminating the SW in the quarter final.

The Oysters pitched the same guy who beat us last year.  He is very good!  He held us to 6 hits over the first 9 innings.  Our lefty, Caleb Cochran, started the game and pitched great over 7 innings.  It was warm and Caleb was toast after 96 pitches and 7 innings.  The Oysters scored 1 in the bottom of the 6th, with a base-hit, stolen base and an RBI single by Vaughn.

So, down by one run in the top of the 7th, Vince Palmer hit a solo home run to tie the game for the good guys.  It was amazing – against a 15mph wind blowing in!  The SW loaded the bases in the top of the 9th, but could not muster a score.

The game was tied after regulation and went into the 10th inning.  The SW had 3 consecutive hits by Stantrell Smith, Vince Palmer and Jason Creel to score 1 in the 10th.  However, a double play killed the rally, but we had the lead!  SW 2 – DO 1.  Danny Lazzaroni relieved Cochran in the 8th.  Danny then shut them down 1-2-3 in the 10th for a 2-1 win.

Game 5

Game 5 followed at the same field against the Long Island Cardinals.  We did not play the Cardinals in 2016, but they had beaten us soundly (our only loss in pool play) in 2015.  Steve Barnett started the game and pitched well.  He had thrown 3 innings in our victory against the Twins on Wednesday.  He gave up one run in the 4th inning on 2 base-hits and a sacrifice fly.  He tired in the 5th, giving up two more runs on two hits and a walk.  The Sidewinders scored 1 in the 2nd on a base-hit by Jason Creel and an RBI single by Rocco Callaway.  We then scored 3 in the 3rd inning on a walk, two base hits by Joe Wilson and Stantrell Smith and a double by Richard Pirkle.  Smith was thrown out at the plate, but we had the lead SW 4 – LIC 3. 

The home plate umpire then left the field with diarrhea.  It was a 5-7 minute delay, and created a wild atmosphere.

Jeremy Talboy relieved Barnett in the 6th, throwing 2 shutout innings, ending with a double play.  The SW scored one in the 7th on a hit batter (Palmer – who has a huge bruise to show) and an RBI single by Terrell Jones.  There was a play at the plate.  The ball beat Palmer, but he jumped over and landed on the plate, with the catcher missing the tag.  The Long Island bench emptied and they went bat shit crazy.  At this point, there was a basic riot by the Cardinals against the umpires, who had missed several calls and had a questionable strike zone.  But Palmer’s athletic move and subsequent safe call were definitely correct.  SW 5 – LIC 3. 

That set the tone for a raucous game ending. Dan Lazzaroni started the 8th inning, but could not find the plate.  Lazzaroni walked two and gave up two base hits.  The Cardinals scored 2 to tie the game in the top of the 8th.  Joe Wilson came in to pitch with bases loaded and served up a double play to end the rally…..tie game SW 5 – LIC 5.

The game went into the 10th inning with no one scoring.  Time was more than up, 3h 10 mins.  The Cardinals wanted to play another inning due to the diarrhea incident, but that was argued by me (knowing we had the BYE already, as second seed).  Then a riot occurred since this tie would eliminate the LIC from the playoffs.  We left the field……

So, Biiip lost one game to the Orange County Rays, 2-0.  They are 4-1.  We are 3-2-1, with the advantage of a head’s up WIN over Santa Clara making our record 4-2 .  On to the Semi-finals tomorrow!!


Game 6:  Sem-Final Playoff versus #4 seed, Orange Country Rays


Quarterfinal games:

Orange County Rays 5, San Diego Redbacks 1

Rocky Mnt Oysters 4, Santa Clara Twins 3


Paso Robles (BiiiP)  3, Rocky Mountain Oysters 3

Orange County Rays 6, Atlanta Sidewinders 3


Paso Robles (BiiiP) 13, Orange County Rays 5

Paso Robles (BiiiP) repeats as champions 2015, 2016, 2017.