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When Pirates would sail the seas on long journeys, the captian of the ship would just sit at his desk with a candle and a feather pen marking the next spot on the map in search of treasure or their next attack on a fort. While the others were sound asleep, but of course it was not easy to sail the seas in the middle of the night while the ship is swaying back and fourth. And next to the candle would be a hour glass used in those days as a clock.

in this ship full of Pirates aboard the "The Bonecrusher" Capt. Skully is quietly keeping an eye on the ship. He stands in the quarterdeck looking through his spyglass for any other ships or land. And perhaps if he can perhaps see a kracken. It's a full moon and all is quiet so he makes his way to the Captian Corridors and sits down with his feather pen in his hand and a candle by his side then he glazes at the hour glass. He pulls out his ledger and opens it up and finds a page full important dates and reliazes it's a timeline containing some history of the Sinton Pirates and this is what he found


1917- So far dates back when the Pirates became officially inducted in the UIL 11-man football

1925-The very first of a long rivalry begins with the Taft Greyhounds

1928-The new Sinton High School on Archer Street opens

1932-Pirates make their first trip to the playoffs in Class B

1956-Pirates make 6th trip to playoffs, first in Class 2A also their appearence in the State Semifinals

1963-Pirates hosted it's first playoff game in Pirate Stadium against the Donna Redskins winning the Regional round 20-14

1968-A new Sinton High School opens it's doors in the beginning of the new school year, the old SHS on Archer Street is turned

         into the administration office.

1980-The new Pirate Stadium is complete and will begin hosting games in the fall.

         The Class of '81 the only known class to build a giant S for the burning of the "S" during homecoming week

         During the pre-game homecoming ceremonies Mr. Dan Sharp the writer of our school song directs the Pirate Band

1982-After a 10-year drought the Pirates return to the playoffs, the first in Class 4A

1985-After dropping from Class 4A in '84 the Pirates enter the playoffs for the 14th time and the first in Class 3A

1986-Sinton High School unveils it's new logo the "Neverending S"

1990- The only team in the Coastal Bend area left standing, Pirates make first trip to the State Semifinals in Class 3A

1991-The Sinton-Hitchcock game can be found as one of the best games in the coastal bend, Pirates attempt a last second touchdown to tie the game and advances to the next round of the playoffs

2000-The Class of 2001 builds todays verson the burning of the S to the Neverending S

2001-Pirates make first trip to State Finals in Class 3A under Coach Brent Davis

2005-Pirates claim the district title for the 5th time in a row, the longest streak in 30-3A

Since 2000 Pirates extend the winning streak for 6th time 

2006-SHS names its mascot for the first time to Capt. Skully

After a 4-6 record Pirates appears in the playoffs for the 7th time in this decade

2008-Pirates return to the playoffs after a 1-9 season record in '07. Stunned the state with a 11-1 record under second year Coach Tom Allen sending the Pirates to the third round, Sinton receives the U.S. Army Strong/Texas Football team of the year

2009-Pirates end the game in a thriller against the Robstown Cottonpickers in double overtime 

In the "Battle Of The Pirates" against  Mathis, Sinton was on the verge of suffering its first loss of the season with only 3 points scored in the first half. But dominated Mathis in the second half and sealed the victory.

Pirates hosts the first playoff game against the Rio Hondo Bobcats in the current stadium

Sinton vs. Pearsall- The Pirates played a very tough Maverick team during a rainstorm in Corpus Christi's Buccaneer Stadium with a low scoring victory 13-12

Pirates receive the Army Strong Team Of The Week for their victory over the Pearsall Mavericks during a rainstorm, This marks the third time they receive this award since 2008

Despite the loss against La Grange, The Pirates were trailing but managed to tie the game and send it to overtime losing by a touchdown.

2010-Pirate Stadium turns 30

The new stadium seating is complete and a new scoreboard is installed

 Pirates lose their first home game since 2007 against West Columbia in the Bi-District round 28-21

2011-Pirates begins the new season on brand new turf and a new concession stand 

During the Sinton-Hondo pre-game ceremonies Sinton High School retires #86 jersey in honor of Former Pirate  Marine Mark Goyet

Sinton stunned previously unbeaten top 25 Ingleside with a game-winning two-point conversion attempt with five seconds to play, but there's a twist to the tale- Sinton originally kicked a game-tying PAT to send things to overtime, only to have a roughing the kicker penality give the Pirates an easy shot at two from about the one yard line. Freshman Tyler Handson dazzled, but not because of his stats- he turned a terrible game into a hero's effort on the final drive, turning around a one-completion, three-interception showing with three completions, including the game-winning touchdown throw from four yards, on his last four passes. 

After being voted second or third place in district during the pre-season rankings, 5th year coach Tom Allen and his young team of Pirates proved everyone who doubted them wrong by staying on the #1 spot in District 30-3A and captured their 4th consecutive district title