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Dave Odem Learning Center was the original high school in the early 1900's until 1927 the adminstration office was built as the new high school, up until 1967 Sinton was growing and the district decided to build the new high school in the fall of 1967 the current one opened it's doors to students. Since then it has changed alot in the beginning of this decade SHS added a new band hall, library, and a gym. The old gym is still used for pep rallies. In spring of 2007 they also added a new Ag department.

Sinton High School has an enrollment at least 620 students yearly but in 2007 the enrollment dropped to 596. SHS has great landscaping in the front of the school there is a chain-link shape of a S with a anchor. As you enter the doors you will notice a Pirate mural on the floor, also in the main corridor are rows of trophy cases a display of SHS accomplishments in years past. In the fall of 2006 the school district decided to install a fence around the campus with a security guard booth at the entrance to prevent shootings around the area.  Since there have been reports of campus shootings around the United States.


Known as "Bonecrusher Arena" these days was built in 1980, And one of the best high school football stadiums you could find in South Texas. It's located on the campus of Sinton High School 400 N. Pirate Boulevard. Pirate Stadium also hosts various events such as Maruader football games of Smith Junior High in Sinton, Annual Homecoming Powder Puff Game, U.I.L. Regional Marching Band Contest, Relay For Life Benefit, and in the Spring District Track Meet.

The playing surface is grass, with a track  and a fairly new scoreboard. The capacity holds around 1500. In 2006 additional seats were added located near section A, Also in early 2007 the district decided to remodel Section D from wood to steel.