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Like & Share:Capt. Skully The Legend


There is a legend that roams the halls of Sinton High School, others claim to seen him, and if you stay in Pirate Gym alone in the dark after everyone has left the building you could hear his chilling laugh. Some claim to seen him burying his treasure somewhere in Pirate Stadium from time to time. And that's what makes a legend happen, His name is Capt. Skully. 

 Capt. Skully came to Sinton High School in 2006 after sailing the seas around the world. He had his share of doing battle with other Pirates. But after his long journey at sea he decided to make landfall and start a new life. As he was sailing to find land he looked through his spyglass and spotted a giant anchor and a chain-linked in the shape of a S. Eventually led him to Sinton and that's where x marked the spot for him to land. But under that toughness he just has a big heart. You could find him on Friday nights cheering on the Pirates onto victory or taking pictures with paparizi. He may even do a little dance with the Pirate band's drumline. Or shaking hands with kids who adore him