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Like & Share:History Of The "Neverending S"

Symbol Of Pride

When Sinton High School was created back sometime in the 1900's they chose a Pirate as the mascot. A person that existed in the 1600's and the 1700's. Next came the school colors Maroon and White. The rest is history ,not just yet well in 1986 the school decided to choose a unique emblem to represent our school. Something no one ever seen, and it's called the "Neverending S" The letter S inside the circle may mean nothing to any other person, a non-Sinton habitant, but to those who shared the spirit, it was Sinton.

Now these days it's on football helmets, t-shirts, and on cars. It's seen everywhere.To us it means tradition because it never ends, a symbol that has been passed down from Pirate to Pirate. It's the symbol of our school that will never stop. The  pride, loyality, and determination that's behind the S