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From what history tells us pirates of long ago robbed the merchant ships of their precious treasures .After many days at sea, the pirate ships ran into terrible storms. Some made it through unharmed. Others sank, leaving their valuable treasure at the bottom of the ocean. The pirates that weathered the storms would sometimes hide their treasures on land so no one would steal them. In the tradition of our mascot for every pirate ship there's a captian to lead us the way. And in this case in the Captian's Corridors the one person we depend on at SHS are the head coaches who has lead us to a high seas adventure. The most famous captians in Pirate Football are J. Murry Stephenson who remains as the All-Time Winningest Coaches at SHS from 1944 to 1966 with a record of 153-83-10, Gary Davenport who started his stint in 1989 with a 4-6 record and lead the Pirates to an amazing season in 1990 by advancing to the state semifinals which ended a state appearance drought with a season record of 13-1-1, In 1998 Brent Davis took over from a 2-8 disaster season one year earlier. And build it to an explosive team in 2001 and stepping it another notch by appearing in the State Finals, Jimmie Mitchell took his captian duties in 2002 after the departure of Davis and managed to keep the winning tradition alive with a 43-17 record from 2002-2006.


1960  31-2A  J Murry Stephenson 
1961  31-2A  J. Murry Stephenson 
1962  29-2A  11  J. Murry Stephenson 
1963  29-2A  11  J. Murry Stephenson 
1964  29-2A  J. Murry Stephenson 
1965  29-2A  J. Murry Stephenson 
1966  14-3A  J. Murry Stephenson 
1967  14-3A  Sam Harper 
1968  14-3A  Sam Harper 
1969 14-3A  Sam Harper 
1970  15-3A  Sam Harper 
1971  15-3A  Joe Means 
1972 15-3A  Hank Masur 
1973  15-3A  Hank Masur 
1974  15-3A  Dub Galbraith 
1975  15-3A  Dub Galbraith 
1976 15-3A  Dub Galbraith 
1977  15-3A  Dub Galbraith 
1978  15-3A  Ed Marchak 
1979  15-3A  Ed Marchak 
1980 15-4A  10  Ed Marchak 
1981  15-4A 

Mike Crowe 

1982  15-4A  Mike Crowe 
1983  15-4A  Mike Crowe 
1984  30-3A  Jim Taylor 
1985  30-3A  Jim Taylor 
1986  29-3A  Jim Taylor 
1987  29-3A  Jim Taylor 
1988  30-3A  Steve Patz 
1989  30-3A  Gary Davenport 
1990  29-3A  13  Gary Davenport 
1991  29-3A  12  Gary Davenport 
1992  30-3A  Jim Bob Mickler 
1993  30-3A  Jim Bob Mickler 
1994  30-3A  Jim Bob Mickler 
1995  30-3A  Rick Sowell 
1996  30-3A  Rick Sowell 
1997  30-3A  Rick Sowell 
1998  30-3A  10  Brent Davis 
1999  30-3A  Brent Davis 
2000  30-3A  11  Brent Davis 
2001  30-3A  14  Brent Davis 
2002  30-3A  12  Jimmie Mitchell 
2003  30-3A  Jimmie Mitchell 
2004  30-3A  10  Jimmie Mitchell 
2005  30-3A  Jimmie Mitchell 
2006  30-3A  Jimmie Mitchell 
2007  30-3A  Tom Allen 
2008 31-3A  11  Tom Allen
2009 31-3A 12  Tom Allen
2010 30-3A 10 1 0 Tom Allen
2011 30-3A 2 Tom Allen